Looking Ahead

AMO training in Xonacatlán, Mexico

Dear Friends,

We ask you to pray for the following schedule of events. As the number of AMO Trainers increases it becomes a challenge to keep up! We praise God for the growth.


AMO training in Xonacatlán, State of Mexico – Francelia teaching

AMO training in Mérida, Yucatán. This is Mildren Torres’ first solo training!

A MeXED conference for students, pastors, and AMO Trainers at San Pablo Seminary in Mérida, Yucatán with Dr. Mark Beliles teaching about equipping the Church to transform the culture.

After Mérida, Dr. Beliles teaches again in Oaxaca.

A seminar in Orizaba, Veracruz, on strengthening the family with biblical principles, taught by Francelia.


A meeting in Puebla to plan assistance to local churches as they equip parents and congregations for educating the next generations.


Certification training/practicum at Sureste Seminary in Tabasco to certify the first group of new AMO Trainers from the Class of 2019-20. This practicum is the final step after their nine-month online class preparation. Francelia and Chris McReynolds will evaluate the trainer’s on behalf of Dr. Elizabeth Youmans of Chrysalis International.

AMO Training in Frontera-Comalapa, Chiapas

Certification training in Comalcalco, Tabasco, for our second group of the Class of 2019-20


AMO Training in Cárdenas, Tabasco

Certification training in México City for the third group of new AMO Trainers


Teaching at the Bible Institute of the Huastecas

Certification training for the final group of new AMO Trainers in Oaxaca, Oaxaca

Biblical Transformation of the Nation ~ MeXED 2019 Oaxaca and Mérida

Update from Abraham Hernandez

Dear Friends,

Please see Abraham Hernandez’ ministry update from the Huastecas, below. This is his first update since his wife Susie Frerichs passed away in June and we are so pleased to share it with you. Those of you who supported Susie and Abraham in their work are invited to continue supporting the work through Abraham. Please, click here for specific donation information.

Join us in giving thanks to God for His care for Abraham and God’s providence for all the work that continues in the Huastecas. Many of our AMO Mexico community members attended this conference and were able to visit with Abraham again, for the first time since Susie passed away, to give him encouragement.

All were blessed by Bob Moffitt and Yarley Niños’ teaching which further equips us all in making disciples of the nations. Those of you who donated to the Susie Frerichs Memorial Scholarship Fund at The Antioch Partners made possible the attendance of those from the Huastecas.

In Christ,

Chris and Francelia

(Translation of Abraham’s update)

22 de octubre de 2019, Frijolillo san Martín Chal. SLP.


May God greatly bless each of you.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,…” Matthew 28:19

By God’s grace we recently attended a conference on Biblical Worldview which took place at YWAM Guadalajara with teachers Bob Moffitt and Yarley Niño. This conference greatly encouraged us as we continue with God, extending His Kingdom in the Huastecas.

Ten participants from the Huastecas attended. These consisted of missionaries and students from the Bible Institute of the Huastecas.

Thank you for your prayers and support which makes activities like this possible. This brings many blessings to our lives and ministries. May God continue blessing each of you. Greetings from the Huastecas. (Signed Abraham Hernandez Hernandez)

Ministry Update from Abraham Hernandez

Abraham’s Update from the Huastecas

Vision with Planning and Strategy

In Matthew 28:18-20, the Lord Jesus Christ gives us all our marching orders – teach all people to be my disciples. During these summer months, four of our friends and collaborators in this ministry – faithful to His command – were called home by the Lord. With each of those sad goodbyes, the Holy Spirit gave us deep and abiding assurance of His sovereignty and unwavering plan for discipling our families and the nations. We give special thanks to God for His plan and for those who have lived out their lives in faith and perseverance serving that plan.

Recently, I was amused and encouraged while reading a line by the late T. Boone Pickens who shared what his father said to him as an aimless young man. He told the young man, “A fool with a plan will beat a genius without a plan everytime.” Pickens said that was the turning point for him. I thought, we can be fools (for Christ) with an excellent plan!

More and more congregations are awakening to the great potential God has given them to transform communities through a plan for education and discipleship. Pray for churches everywhere to rise up and embrace a serious and inspired plan of action. The coming generations need God’s plan for their lives!

What parents and leaders are learning, modeling, and teaching to their children through AMO Program. With a plan and hard work they are transforming their futures. Graphic by Chrysalis International, publisher of AMO Program.

Please, join us in giving thanks for:

  • The Susie Frerichs Memorial Scholarship Fund which will be funding a group of young students from the Huastecas, including Abraham Hernandez, to attend an important teaching conference in Guadalajara in October. For those of you who know Abraham, he reports that he is doing well under the circumstances and is encouraged that God is in the process of raising up new leaders for the various ministries that Susie led. Please, continue to pray for Abraham as he continues his ministry and farming.
  • Those who have served with us and “fought the good fight.” (2 Timothy 4:7-8)
  • The successful AMO trainings this summer in Orizaba Veracruz, Reynosa Tamaulipas, Guadalajara, Oaxaca and San Antonio, Texas. We are thankful for the hard work and increasing skills of our AMO Trainers of Teachers (TOT’s).
  • The dedication of teachers at Isaiah 55 ministries in Reynosa, for their work to bring AMO Program to children who are deaf.
  • The progress that the up-and-coming TOT’s are making in Chrysalis International’s online virtual course…only two more months to go! Francelia has been very busy with the Mexican group mentoring them and scheduling dates and locations for their practicum trainings, the final step for each of them to be certified.

Please, join us in praying for:

  • Strength and perseverance for the all the TOT’s in the home stretch.
  • Upcoming trainings in Xonacatlan Edo. de México, Oaxaca and Merida, Yucatan.
  • MeXED special events in Merida and Oaxaca in November. The purpose of these events is to encourage and equip biblical Christian vision and strategy for transforming families, culture, education, and government.
  • Safety for Chris and Francelia as they travel throughout central and southeast Mexico this winter.
  • Pray for our TOT’s marriages and for God’s provision for AMO México to become a ministry with greater capacity to provide marriage ministry for our TOT’s.
  • Pray for Dr. Elizabeth Youmans and Chrysalis’ online platform and website project. This has been a monumental task that needs your prayers for finalization.

Thank you, for your prayers!

In Christ,

Chris and Francelia


Summer Trainings

Dear Friends,

Saying goodbye to our dear friend and colleague, Susie Frerichs, was certainly not anticipated by anyone. We learned to an even greater degree that in all things we depend on God and we give thanks for that. Her life and her passing encourages all of us to continue on with even more focus and determination to respond faithfully to God’s Calling on our lives. We now ask your prayers for us and the rest of Susie’s fellow AMO Trainers who will be busy this summer conducting AMO Trainings in different parts of Mexico, including in the Huastecas where Susie lived and served.

AMO Trainer and pastor, Josias Luna, of Oaxaca, will be teaching at the Bible Institute in the Huastecas where Susie was director. Susie and the presbytery had invited Josias on prior occasions, and Susie and husband, Abraham, had led a group of young leaders from the Huastecas to conferences in Oaxaca as late as March of this year. We are grateful for God’s providence and for placing a desire in Josias’ heart to help at opportune times in the Huastecas even before Susie passed. Pray for him as he leaves his family and church in Oaxaca for a week to teach at the presbytery’s Bible Institute. We will follow up with additional AMO Trainings in the Huastecas as needed.

We give thanks to God for our team members who carried out the very first AMO Trainings in Ocosingo, Chiapas and Reynosa, Tamaulipas, earlier this month. Both of these troubled regions are in desperate need for the next generations of children to have God’s vision for life and the character formation needed to live out that vision for God’s transformation of their communities. We also had additional trainings in Oaxaca, Tabasco, and the Yucatan since the first of June. Pray for additional children’s AMO Programs to develop from each of those trainings.

We ask your prayers for the remaining Summer trainings:

  • Nacajuca, Tabasco at Sureste Presbyterian Seminary
  • Orizaba, Veracruz
  • In the state of Mexico on the outskirts of Mexico City
  • Guadalajara, Jalisco
  • Our first AMO Training in San Antonio, Texas and you are invited! Contact our U.S. mobile at (830) 719-5812 for information.

Let us all continue praying for one another. Thank you for your prayers. Please, let us know how we can pray for you. Send an email to Chris at cmcr12@gmail.com.

In Christ,

Chris and Francelia McReynolds

Susie, Abraham, and young leaders from the Huastecas in the home of Josias and Elizabeth Luna in Oaxaca, March 2019.

Our November 2018 AMO Trainers’ Retreat in Puebla which included Susie and Abraham.


Susie Frerichs Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dear Friends,

A beautiful memorial service was held for Susanne Frerichs Hernandez this past Friday at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Susie’s hometown of Kearney, Nebraska. Her memorial was attended by friends from high school and college as well as many other friends and family from far and wide.

Rev. Chad Anderson, pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church, led the service. Judy Rozema performed a wonderful solo of “In the Garden Medley.” Teri Adair and Chris McReynolds, of The Antioch Partners, shared about Susie’s extensive ministry in Mexico.

Susie’s ministry always had a special focus on biblical Christian education and discipleship for the formation of servant-leaders. Her work began at Proyecto Amistad on the border in Piedras Negras in 1993 and – through those she has discipled – continues on in the Presbytery of the Huastecas and beyond.

Also spoken about was her impact, not just in Mexico but, in the lives of so many individuals and congregations in the United States who supported her work and co-labored with her through the years. Thanks was given to God for each of you who supported, collaborated, and prayed with Susie.

A special message of thanks from Susie’s husband, Abraham Hernandez, was relayed to Susie’s family and to the Church for the love and support they demonstrated for them and their ministry as a couple. Abraham will continue facilitating ministry initiatives between churches in the Huastecas and AMO Mexico.  Please, continue your prayers and support for him.

Many of you have asked about the Scholarship Fund newly established in honor of Susie and the calling Jesus Christ made on her life. This fund will be hosted at The Antioch Partners and will be used to continue, especially in the Huastecas, the kind of work that Susie devoted her life to – making disciples of Jesus Christ with special attention to education. That is, biblical Christian education at all levels that informs and equips people to live out God’s vision for life in every area of life.

You can donate to the Susie Frerichs Memorial Scholarship Fund in these ways:

Write a check, payable to “The Antioch Partners.” In the memo line write “Preference for Susie Frerichs Memorial Fund.” Mail to:

The Antioch Partners

7132 Portland Ave, Suite 136

Richfield, MN 55423

Online donations can be made by clicking this link…  https://secure.qgiv.com/for/TheAntiochPartners/restriction/ProjectSupport/SusieFrerichsMemorialFund

Thank you, for your prayers of thanksgiving for Susie’s life and for God’s consolation for her family members and her many friends in Mexico and the United States. Let us all honor Susie by continuing the work!

In Christ,

Chris McReynolds

P.S. Regarding donations, please, note that 4% card/bank/online fees are taken out of each credit card donation, 2% is taken out of each e-Check, but e-Giving and regular checks don’t have those fees. A form to be filled out for e-Giving can be obtained from Hope Whitney by emailing her at admin@theantiochpartners.org.

P.P.S. You can read obituaries for Susie here and here.

Life of Faith and Commitment – Susie

Dear Friends,

The funeral on Saturday for Susie Frerichs Hernandez in Frijolillo, San Luis Potosi, was beautiful and the the church was overflowing with people who knew and loved her. Many of the children she discipled were present, with tears of sadness, saying goodbye. One young pastor, Ricardo, in whom Susie and Abraham have invested much time and teaching, delivered the sermon in Nahuatl honoring Susie and encouraging the Church to begin the path that God has set before us all – to continue the work started through Susie and follow God’s lead for the future.

Abraham’s sister, Amalia, led the women in singing some of Susie’s favorite hymns in Nahuatl. During the time for testimonies, we were able to share with everyone that so many of you have written to send your condolences and love. We let them know that many congregations in the United States were praying for Abraham and for them all and giving thanks for Susie’s life.

Please join with us in continuing to walk together with our brothers and sisters in the Huastecas. The Antioch Partners, who sent Susie and continues sending Abraham and the McReynolds, are considering a memorial scholarship fund in Susie’s memory. We can keep you posted on that as well as other activities and plans we make with Abraham and leaders in the Huastecas. Pray for tentative plans that are evolving to send instructors to teach at the Bible Institute that was under Susie’s directorship and for carrying out an AMO training that Susie was planning with some of the presbytery’s mission churches located in Veracruz state.

Susie strived for excellence and grace in all she did. Her focus on discipling children, parents, and leaders to equip them to live out their faith in every area of life and to pass that faith on to the next generations continues to enrich lives and give glory to God.

Your continued prayers for Abraham and family bring comfort and strength from the Lord. As a reminder, a memorial service for Susie is planned at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Kearney, Nebraska, July 12th, at 2 p.m.

Below, are various photos of Susie with the people, and in the place, God called her to. Many of these photos are courtesy of our friend Jerry Cass.

In Christ Jesus,

Chris and Francelia McReynolds

Abraham and Susie on their wedding day in 2011 with Juvenal and Landy Ortiz

Abraham and Susie tending their bees

Attending burial

Funeral service at La Santisima Trinidad Presybterian Church in Frijolillo

View from cemetery

Amalia and women singing hymns




Dears Friends,

Our dear friend Susanne Frerichs Hernandez passed peacefully into the Lord’s presence today, June 14, 2019, at 3:35 p.m. in San Antonio, Texas, at the home where she has been receiving hospice care since Saturday. We can all join together in giving thanks for the wonderful testimony of faith her life demonstrated and the great works of sacrificial love that God worked through her.
Her funeral will take place in approximately 7 to 9 days from today in Frijolillo, San Luis Potosi, where she and Abraham made their home. A memorial service will take place in her home town of Kearney, Nebraska, some time in July. Possible plans for an additional memorial service in Texas are pending.
The family expresses heart-felt thanks for all the prayers and assistance from the multitudes of friends who knew and loved Susie.

Door Opens in Chiapas

We ask for your prayers for God’s work of transformation in Chiapas, Mexico. Pray specifically for protection, wisdom, and discernment for the AMO training team in the neighboring state of Tabasco who have begun serving in Chiapas through their visits. The team walked through the door God opened to them by way of a “misionera” working in Chiapas who was trained by them last January.

After her training in Tabasco, the misionera returned to the indigenous community where she serves and met with a local pastor and a few of the church leaders to tell them of her experience. They became very interested. Even with the church’s limited funding and knowing how reluctant the members are to anything outside their routine, the leaders ventured an invitation to the team in Tabasco for two days of conferences around the biblical principles taught in AMO.

In order to build relationships and show testimony of the impact God’s Word has had on their own families, the team responded by taking their families with them on the long arduous drive to visit the congregation. The pastor interpreted for the group from Spanish into the local language. They taught about God’s vision for life and education and about the great potential and calling the congregation has for discipling their children and the community for Jesus Christ.

The congregation was deeply impacted. God’s Word evoked tears and expressions of gratitude and praise to the Lord and thanks and encouragement to the team. Completely unsolicited, the congregation gifted each of the three families represented with one thousand pesos to help cover their travel expenses. The significance of this three thousand peso gift should not be overlooked. It represents profound gratitude, hope, and determination to continue receiving the team for future visits to learn more and to be equipped for transforming their future for Christ.

Again, please, pray for wisdom for the team, provisions needed to continue the work, and for sensitivity to the special circumstances they face in Chiapas.

God’s Word Transforming Latin America

NEW PROGRAMS In February, Francelia visited programs in Tabasco and assisted Esther Suarez as she trained leaders in Xalapa, Veracruz. Please, pray for church leaders in Xalapa and Orizaba, Veracruz, who have recently begun AMO Programs for children.  Pray for God’s blessing on the training now in progress in Comalcalco, Tabasco, and for those scheduled this summer in Merida, Oaxaca, and Nacajuca. Pray these result in strong leadership and consistent, stable, programs for children.

NEW INITIATIVES – Join us as we pray for God’s direction for new initiatives using AMO Program in the United States and for raising up the necessary leadership.

Zurisadai with her students at church in Veracruz. Zuri is also a public school teacher and has implemented AMO Literature component with permission from her school’s director.

ONLINE TRAINING – We ask your prayers for the nine-month online course by Chrysalis International starting March 20th. This course will prepare forty-six individuals from various Latin American countries (including 14 of our AMO Teachers in Mexico) to become AMO Trainers with skills to equip families and leaders for discipling their nation for Jesus Christ. Pray for Dr. Elizabeth Youmans and others who will be teaching, including Francelia and Cristina Inchaustegui.

TOOLS FOR EXPANSION – Please, pray for the AMO website that is under construction. Once finished, this website will provide practical and important tools to a growing network of tens of thousands of parents, students, teachers, trainers, donors, administrators, and church leaders – all involved in transforming their nations through biblical Christian education and discipleship.

WORKING TOGETHER – Join us in praying for the Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA) Global Forum taking place this week in Panama. Our own Pastor Josias Luna of Oaxaca will share at the forum about how Mexico is being impacted by God’s Word through AMO Program. We use DNA materials to prepare communities for AMO and DNA’s co-founder, Darrow Miller, teaches part of the online course mentioned above. I know this is an over simplified inadequate description but, DNA helps a person think biblically in all areas of life and AMO helps the person (or child) have the skills to live-out that biblical thinking in all areas of life.

JOIN US – Finally, we invite you to be our Prayer-partner-for-a-Month by phone. This is a brief, weekly, visit with us by phone during the month of your choosing, when we can discuss and pray together. We have been very blessed by those who have already joined us. Contact Chris at cmcr12@gmail.com to sign up.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Chris and Francelia

AMO class in Tabasco and cover photo for the future AMO website.

In Full Swing

The New Year has started off with a bang! We pray for and give thanks for your part in this growing community of AMO México and that you sense God’s leading in all you do this year. We ask your prayers for the following:

Thanks ~ For AMO Trainers of Tabasco (Marlene, Esther, Diana, Africa) who held a training at Sureste Presbyterian Seminary. Petitions ~ Please pray for Loyda, one of those who attended this training. Loyda is a missionary in one of the most troubled and impoverished areas in Chiapas. Her heart is now set on establishing AMO Programs there. Pray for our team as they walk with her. Also pray for Doris who also attended this training and is now feeling called to establish a Christian school using AMO as the core curriculum. Pray for collaboration among her and others who have the same calling.

Thanks ~ For the training which started in Oaxaca. This training will be carried out in five consecutive weekends by Betzabe, Pablo, and Elizabeth A. Petition ~ Pray for Betzabe and Pablo and for Elizabeth as she mentors them during these weeks.

Thanks ~ For the training which opened in Merida, Yucatan, today. Petition ~ Pray for the young trainers, Mildred and Ruby, as they train throughout this week, gaining more experience and confidence.

Children and their church inspiring their community to celebrate learning.

Thanks ~ For the upcoming training in Xalapa, Veracruz. Petition ~ Pray for God to break the grip of organized crime in this state (as well as the nation). Pray for Esther S. and Fidel as they lead the training and for us as we go to assist them and visit other churches and programs there and in Tabasco.

Thanks ~ For our time with other ministries, sharing information and making new friends, at First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio, TX. Petition ~ Pray for this church as they renew effort and focus on discipleship for reaching their city and world with the full Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their initiatives using AMO has been key in transforming communities in Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Thanks ~ For the wonderful festival celebrating learning and God’s vision for life by Principe de Paz Presbyterian Church of Comalcalco, Tabasco. Director and AMO Trainer Esther Velazquez and husband Samuel organized the event along with the pastor and leaders of the church. The celebration included good food, music, a play depicting the Heidi classic, which the children recently studied, and a parade through the city streets! Petition ~ Pray for God to use this celebration to impact the community with a Godly vision for life and learning.

Comalcalco church, Principe de Paz take to the streets to celebrate.

Principe de Paz Church production of the classic Heidi