Update from Abraham Hernandez

Dear Friends,

Please see Abraham Hernandez’ ministry update from the Huastecas, below. This is his first update since his wife Susie Frerichs passed away in June and we are so pleased to share it with you. Those of you who supported Susie and Abraham in their work are invited to continue supporting the work through Abraham. Please, click here for specific donation information.

Join us in giving thanks to God for His care for Abraham and God’s providence for all the work that continues in the Huastecas. Many of our AMO Mexico community members attended this conference and were able to visit with Abraham again, for the first time since Susie passed away, to give him encouragement.

All were blessed by Bob Moffitt and Yarley Niños’ teaching which further equips us all in making disciples of the nations. Those of you who donated to the Susie Frerichs Memorial Scholarship Fund at The Antioch Partners made possible the attendance of those from the Huastecas.

In Christ,

Chris and Francelia

(Translation of Abraham’s update)

22 de octubre de 2019, Frijolillo san Martín Chal. SLP.


May God greatly bless each of you.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,…” Matthew 28:19

By God’s grace we recently attended a conference on Biblical Worldview which took place at YWAM Guadalajara with teachers Bob Moffitt and Yarley Niño. This conference greatly encouraged us as we continue with God, extending His Kingdom in the Huastecas.

Ten participants from the Huastecas attended. These consisted of missionaries and students from the Bible Institute of the Huastecas.

Thank you for your prayers and support which makes activities like this possible. This brings many blessings to our lives and ministries. May God continue blessing each of you. Greetings from the Huastecas. (Signed Abraham Hernandez Hernandez)

Ministry Update from Abraham Hernandez

Abraham’s Update from the Huastecas