Resource Partners

AMO® Program is the curriculum that AMO México uses to teach children and train adults in wholistic biblical Christian education.

Chrysalis International produces AMO® Program and is an associate ministry with whom we work closely.

Walk With México™ is a funding resource partner with two ways to donate to our work through Fidelity Charitable® Donor-advised Gift Fund and National Christian Foundation Houston. For information on donating through these funds call Rick Lane at (210) 363-6661.

Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA) is an important biblical worldview training resource ministry for AMO México. Speakers like Darrow Miller, Bob Moffitt and Scott Allen of DNA have taught at our MeXED conferences and/or other events. DNA materials and teachings are helping prepare the way for our AMO trainings and programs and also help prepare our AMO Trainers.

Semilla is another partner that provides valuable leadership and training for our new AMO Trainers and at our MeXED conferences and through resources like the new book, Machismo y Matriarcado by Semilla’s founder, José L. González.

The Antioch Partners (TAP) provides invaluable administrative and Partner Care support to Chris and Francelia. TAP is the missionary sending agency for the McReynolds. TAP Partners (or missionaries), like the McReynolds, are responsible for raising 100% of their funding support while TAP provides administration of employment requirements, medical insurance and sees to the well-being of more than 60 TAP Partners around the world.

The Hill Country Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to renewing and equipping the Body of Christ to engage culture in changing times with the love and mind of Christ and has been one of AMO México’s partners in facilitating the MeXED conferences.

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