A Shrewd Outfit

The crooked steward did all he could with what he had in the time he had left, and Jesus commended him for his shrewdness. The “children of light” should be so astute – not at making friends for themselves in a self-serving temporary sense – but, at making friends for the Kingdom of God for eternity.

Today, there are many children of light heeding the lesson Jesus teaches in Luke 16:1-9. In like-minded unity around the AMO® educational program they do all they can in the time they have on earth with the gifts God gives them to help children become friends with Jesus.

Nora disciples the children from troubled families in her neighborhood. Elizabeth and Francelia write curriculum that will be shared with thousands. Josias and Ely disciple parents. Marlene and Lilia get materials into the hands of teachers. Edgar and Gloria set an example for many in education. Rick teaches the history of God’s providential hand at work. Cristina travels far and wide to share Christ’s vision for children. Ananias helps his congregation see the importance of God’s education. Jim and Judy, and many others, dedicate prayers and funds. Edgar is setting up schools. Kathy and friends shepherd young adults in becoming disciple-makers. Judith, Socorro, Lili, Yesenia, Mildred and Rubi mentor new teachers. Lilia, Stephanie, Laura and Liliana train parents and teachers. Thousands of prayers and dollars are shrewdly dedicated for claiming the next generations for Jesus Christ. There are too many people to continue naming them all.

If you are reading this, you are probably one of them! With thanks the children (and adults) you befriend for Jesus will one day “welcome you into eternal dwellings” – Luke 16:9. May God increase our wisdom – and shrewdness – for making friends for eternity.

Nora’s Neighbors