Mexico’s 500th Anniversary and the Providence of God

This November 5-6 we will gather on Zoom for this year’s MeXed. Please, consider joining Christian brothers and sisters from across Mexico to learn more about God’s providence in our daily lives and in the history of Mexico. Register here. For any questions, email Chris McReynolds at

We ask your prayers for this event and for all participating. Here are the topics that will be covered.

  • Learning Providential History – Pbro. (Rev.) Josias Luna
  • Christopher Columbus and God’s Providential Plan for the New World – Prof. José González
  • Educational and Family Life Before the Conquest: Waiting for the Coming of Christ – Dr. Francelia McReynolds
  • Key characters in Mexican Providential History – Lic. Gloria Viveros
  • The Unhealthy Origins established in Mexican Family Life through the Conquest – Prof. José González
  • The Importance of Teaching Christian History in a Children’s Program – Dr. Elizabeth Youmans
  • Presentation of the AMO Program – Lic. Judith Díaz
  • How a Nation is Blessed by knowing Its Providential History – Dr. Mark Beliles
  • God’s Providential Plan for the Church in Mexico over the past 500 years – Pbro. Edgar Gonzalez
  • Testimony: Encouraging the Study of Christian History in the Church and Reaching out to Leaders – Pbro. Pedro Calix
  • The Transformational Power of the Family Covenant in Mexico – Pbros. Abimael and Rosalba Borbolla
  • Testimony: How to Live in Family/Marriage Under the Power of the Covenant – Drs. Israel and Diana Castillo
  • Timeline of the Providential History of Mexico – Rev. Esther Suárez
  • Testimony: Fruits of Teaching Christian History in a Program for Children – Lic. Nora Calcáneo
  • God’s Providential Plan for the Future of Mexico: What Will We Do as a Church? What will be our role/calling? – Pbro. Aldo Chalé