Need Your Prayers

The new TOT’s, certified last month here in Tabasco, Mexico, have not wasted any time getting started. Trainings in Villahermosa and Cunduacan are now underway, with another planned for Comalcalco in March. We ask your prayers for them for protection and that churches in the area continue to open their doors and embrace wholistic biblical Christian education training – AMO.

Please, pray also for Rubí and Mildred of Mérida, Yucatán. They will start their training practicum the first week of March. Francelia will be evaluating them and we have confidence they will be certified. This is great news for the Yucatán peninsula as they will help meet the consistent training requests in that area.

Please, pray also for the third and last group to be certified in Puebla the first week of April. Judith, Liliana, Susie, Betzabé, and Pablo need your prayers as they prepare for that training. There are a lot of details and advanced planning and promotion that go into carrying out each training.

Pray for Francelia and Chris as we respond to many invitations to present or teach at various churches around Tabasco and the Yucatán peninsula. We are especially grateful for the opportunity to share the AMO vision with Yucatán Peninsula Missions staff and members of First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio at YPM’s base in Quintana Roo. Pray for YPM and a future AMO training to benefit the school that YPM started there recently.

We thank Rev. Juan Sarmiento and Rev. Dr. José Carlos Pezini of the Outreach Foundation for taking time 0ut of their busy schedule last week while at Sureste Presbyterian Seminary (Nacajuca, Tabasco) to meet with us. We were very pleased they could sit in on one of our AMO® Program training sessions. We ask your prayers for them as they continue their circuit of various ministry efforts in Mexico.

Thank you, for your prayers!

In Christ,

Chris and Francelia McReynolds

New TOT, Fidel Dominguez, training a group of parents and church leaders, representing nine churches in Tabasco.