This Is Why

Various AMO Trainers organize and mentor groups from all around Mexico to take the AMO Training online. Here are just a few comments reflecting the importance of what is taking place.

“My wife and I are newly married and we were very excited to know that the program is designed for two generations. Our desire now is that these Christian biblical principles are present first in us and then also in the life of our daughter who is due to be born in two months. This knowledge has brought us peace and also high expectations regarding our mission here on earth and in this place.” ~ Jonathan, 33 years old.

“I am very excited to implement the AMO Program with its reflective method. This method is so important.” ~ Elfida

“This course affirms the great importance of our children and how we should not simply entertain them but, rather, train them up within a loving relationship.” ~ Lidia

“In this training we had a fourteen year old boy who has been one of our students in AMO. He is now taking the training in order to be an assistant to his teacher and later an AMO teacher. We are very excited to witness that our program is entering the second generation. Our future teachers will be former students of our AMO Program! Glory to God!” ~ Esther Suarez, AMO Trainer, Tlacolula, Oaxaca

Recent graduates of the online course with, AMO Trainer, Judith Diaz. of Puebla. Various AMO Trainers around Mexico have been guiding students from all across Mexico through the training.

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