Prayers Needed

Communicating with a growing network of partners through a growing number of ways can be a challenge. Here’s Francelia in a hotel room in Chiapas “Whatsapping” with one of our fellow AMO Trainers.

We join with all of you praying for those in Houston and in all areas affected by the hurricane. Please, pray for our team at The Antioch Partners (TAP), based in Houston. News from TAP’s director, Andrew Adair, is that they are safe and very busy helping others.

Andrew asks for prayer for Evelyn Smith, Personnel Assistant for TAP, who suffered a severe fracture to her left leg while in Uganda with a team from her church. Pray for her safe return from Uganda and her care back in Houston, if she is to stay there. Evelyn is a wonderful support to us and all TAP members around the world.

Please, pray for The Antioch Partners fundraiser dinner planned for the 28th of September. As mentioned, TAP provides support to us, and all TAP partners around the world, in a variety of very important ways. From health insurance and income tax withholding to educational support and spiritual well-being, they truly dedicated themselves to helping us. Please, consider donating to TAP and keep an eye on the website for updates.

Finally, we ask for your continued prayers for our upcoming MeXed gathering in Oaxaca, this September 19-21. Biblical Christian educators and friends from around Mexico and the United States will gather for the fifth year to strategize and equip for discipling the nation. Staying connected as the body of Christ is a crucial part of the work. Call (830) 719-5812 in the U.S. and (55) 2118-3003 in Mexico to join us.



Thanking God for the Growth

MeXED Oaxaca 2017…join us!

Please, give thanks to God for the very successful AMO Training by Gloria Viveros in Guadalajara last week. This training for nine leaders, perhaps small by some measures, is crucial for opening future opportunities in that city.

Pray for Gloria and her training next week at Sureste Presbyterian Seminary in Tabasco. Pray for strength as she takes on these near-consecutive trainings. We are thankful and blessed by Gloria’s help which allows us to address other areas.

Since the last training at Sureste Seminary in January, approximately 100 more children have entered AMO® Programs. Also the video of the training, recorded at that time, has been sent for use in a Spanish-speaking ministry in – of all places – Stockholm, Sweden!

Dr. Elizabeth Youman’s was contacted by the ministry in Stockholm and has assigned one of our new AMO Trainers, Ely Aguilar in Oaxaca, to mentor the group by Skype as they go through the video training. (Congratulations to team AMO for putting technology to work for the Kingdom!)

Last week’s Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA) conference in Mexico City, led by the up-and-coming DNA Mexico team, was a great success, according to future AMO Trainer, Susie Frerichs, who attended. Susie reports these leaders should greatly help the spread of a biblical worldview among ministries across México. This in-turn helps implementation of AMO Program. Please, pray for this team led by José Curiel of YWAM Guadalajara.

Our visits in Chiapas last week rendered new friendships and future AMO Program training partners. Pray for Chiapas. Pray for the many poor rural indigenous communities who are influenced by activists pushing Marxist ideas, on the one hand, and discriminated against and marginalized by many in Mexico, on the other. Pray for the Church here to embrace AMO and engage in the battle of ideas that is raging. We thank God for his protection when we encountered a roadblock by activists demanding money for their cause, a common occurrence according to pastors we met with.

Pray for Mission On the Move Children’s Home in Tapachula, Chiapas. This group is doing wonderful work with children in need and we plan to offer AMO training for their house parents in future trainings.

Finally, pray for MeXED coming up September 19-20-21. You are invited to join us in Oaxaca for this important gathering of educators, proactive and focused, on Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations. Contact us for details on how to attend…call Chris at U.S. mobile (830) 719-5812.

Chiapas and MeXED Prayers

Dear Friends,

  • Thanks for your prayers for Gloria Viveros. Gloria trained a wonderful group of parents and leaders in Mérida, Yucatán, earlier this month and expects at least three new children’s programs will result in local churches. She is now off to Guadalajara! She needs your continued prayers for another training starting there this coming week.
  • We ask your prayers for Chiapas. We are here sharing about AMO Program for the first time. Pray for vision among the leaders here for the long-term commitment that it takes to implement education that transforms hearts and minds.
  • Continue to pray for the group being trained to be AMO Trainers. The struggle of keeping up with classwork along with life’s many other obligations is difficult. Pray for clarity and wisdom from God in their coursework.
  • Please, pray for the upcoming biblical worldview vision conference in Mexico City this August 7-11. Pray for the group of Mexican leaders who have organized the event, along with Disciple Nations Alliance, and will be doing much of the teaching. This is an important step in the spreading of God’s vision for life throughout Mexico.
  • MeXED 2016 panel discussion at San Pablo Seminary, Mérida, Yucatán.

    We invite you to join us at MeXED. We will gather in Oaxaca, September 19, 20, 21. We ask for your prayers for this important gathering of a variety of educators and supporters from Mexico and the United States. Pray for God’s vision of biblical Christian education and discipleship, for all ages, in Mexico to be clearly communicated and received. Please, call (830) 719-5812 for more information.

Thank you, for your prayers and we hope to see you in Oaxaca!

Chris and Francelia

Prayers and MeXED

We are thankful for Gloria Viveros as she embarks on her first solo AMO Training in Mérida, Yucatán, México. Please, keep her in your prayers as she trains a group of 22 parents and leaders from area churches each evening for the next two weeks. This training is extra special for Gloria as she trains her son and daughter-in-law who are new parents! Gloria states “It feels so good to get started. I could feel God was with me!” As with all our AMO Trainings, Gloria is teaching Biblical principles and practices that bless children, families, and the nation.

Pray for the group of 25 young people that Francelia is now mentoring using the book Discipling Nations, by Darrow Miller. Pray for these young leaders as they learn to view life and meet challenges using a Biblical Christian mindset.

We ask you, also, to pray for preparations for MeXED 2017. The gathering of Biblical Christian educators and supporters will be held this year in the state of Chiapas, September 19, 20, and 21…more details to come.

Pray also for our AMO Training in Guadalajara, this July 31-Aug 4. We are praying for several good programs to begin in the Guadalajara area. Churches we’ve visited there earlier this year see the great need for transformation.

Lastly, please keep our TOT’s in your prayers. We now have 12 Mexican leaders studying hard to become AMO Trainers in México. They are four months into the online course and have expressed that they are deeply challenged and blessed by the teaching of Dr. Elizabeth Youmans and others. Pray for the entire class of 40 from all over Latin America as they meet bi-weekly.

Thanks for your prayers!

In Christ,

Chris and Francelia

Gloria Viveros’ first solo AMO Training in Mérida, Yucatán.

Gloria, in white, at her AMO TOT certification in 2016.

Doing on Earth What is Done in Heaven

“Children of Mexico for Life!” was the theme last Saturday for an afternoon of prayer, invitation, proclamation, teaching, and celebration, all on the main public square of Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. Francelia was invited by a Counsel of Pastors to be the main speaker while about 70 children from the organizing churches led prayer and other presentations for the healing and transformation of their nation. Approximately 400 people attended the event with many other passersby hearing and looking on. Pray for the efforts of the local churches here as they disciple their city and nation.

On Tuesday we were invited to address two groups of pastors representing a variety of churches in Guadalajara. At these meetings we shared the vision for individual and national transformation by way of Christian education through the AMO® Program. We also shared Biblical worldview training resources from Disciple Nations Alliance. These leaders expressed their thanks and eagerness to engage more.

What is going on in Guadalajara is exciting, and planning for AMO trainings there in August is now underway. Pray for these trainings and also for the efforts of José Curiel director of YWAM Guadalajara. José is a friend and a leader in our annual MeXED gatherings, who has been plowing the ground sharing with these churches God’s vision for life (or Biblical worldview).

From Guadalajara, we went on to Zacatecas where we met with a group of pastors and also taught at a local church. These faithful brothers and sisters received a refreshing and inspiring message for God’s vision for life and planning is in the works for more Biblical worldview and AMO Program training in that city. Please, pray for all this plowing and seed planting to bear an abundant crop of transformation for families and the nation!

Francelia, children, and church leaders calling for God’s will to be done in Guadalajara

Prayer requests – Huastecas and Jalisco

We are especially thankful for Esther Suarez and her first solo AMO training carried out last week in the Presbytery of the Huastecas. You will remember Esther as one of our new AMO Trainers, certified last year in Oaxaca. The students loved her and many good relationships were established. Her students were all young leaders and expressed many paradigm changes in response to her teaching. “I’m very happy, full of joy, and also more convinced than ever about the great need for this biblical Christian education in our churches and homes!” Esther said.

  • Pray for the parents and leaders to become more and more empowered by the Lord to do His work of transformation through education.
  • Pray for missionary Susie Frerichs and her husband Abraham Hernandez as they serve as God’s facilitators in the Huastecas, and for Susie, as she prepares to become a future AMO Trainer.
  • We ask your prayers, also, for an event in the Huastecas this November. We are planning, and raising funds, for Luis and Carmen Sena, of the Dominican Republic, and for Pastor Amos Cahuich, president of San Pablo Seminary, to travel to there as a team to teach biblical worldview for helping families and communities live into their God-given potential. These plans germinated at last year’s MeXED gathering at San Pablo Seminary, Mérida.
  • Please, pray for the “Jalisco for a new México!” public event in Guadalajara, Jalisco, later this week, organized by the church, Communidad de Reino RestauraSion Agape. Francelia will be teaching Christian View of the Child, to children, youth, and parents from the community. Pray this will be the beginning of transformation for many.
  • Pray for our meetings with church leaders in Jalisco following these events.

Thanks and blessings to each of you,

Chris and Francelia

Esther Suarez in the Huastecas

Esther Suarez group at her first training.


Praying and Expanding

We ask your prayers for the AMO Trainer of Teachers online class which began two weeks ago with 40 students from across Latin America, including our group of 17 in Mexico. The classes are going very well and everyone is thoroughly enjoying the excellent teaching. Darrow Miller, of Disciple Nations Alliance, taught the first two weeks while Luis Sena, of Dominican Republic, will teach next week. Pray for Luis.

  • Pray for the trainees’ internet connections, their busy schedules, and for God to enable them to apply all they learn.
  • Pray for us as we become facilitators and advocators for them and an expanding ministry.
  • Pray for Elizabeth Youmans, Cristina Inchaustegui, and Francelia McReynolds as they mentor the trainees and review their weekly papers.
  • Pray for Gloria Viveros, AMO Trainer in Mexico City, as she undertakes more work expanding AMO there.
  • Pray for Elizabeth Bermudez and her husband, Chevy and son, Nehemías, in Oaxaca. Elizabeth is helping in our communications with leaders of AMO Programs across Mexico and mentoring new teachers.
  • Pray for AMO Trainer, Esther Suarez, for her upcoming training in the Huastecas.
  • Pray for Elizabeth Aguilar as she plans a training in San Luis Potosi.

Bible reading for reasoning in AMO.

Pray for our TOT’s

With thankful hearts, we report that 12 new candidates from Mexico have enrolled to become AMO Trainers! In addition, four pastors will be auditing the course, by Chrysalis International, in order to become leaders in helping us prepare local churches with greater vision for education.

Almost 40 in total, from various nations, have been accepted in recent days to Chrysalis’ online course for equipping new AMO Trainers of Teachers (TOT’s). As we’ve mentioned before, these trainers will, in turn, teach thousands of parents and church leaders to transform the education of their children and the future of their nations.

Education sustained, informed, and inspired by God’s Word, is providing purpose, understanding, and love of learning for a growing number of children. We need your fellowship in the Spirit, with prayers and support.

  • Please, pray for the class that begins March 16th. Most have very busy schedules and deal with many challenges in order to attend and do homework.
  • Pray for Dr. Elizabeth Youmans, who will teach the majority of the sessions, as well as Cristina Inchaustegui, Francelia McReynolds, Jill Thrift, Jose González, Darrow Miller, and Luis Sena.
  • Pray for all the resources needed to fund and equip this course. Each TOT has qualified for a scholarship that covers the majority of their cost. If you would like to help fund these scholarships, please contact us, or write
  • Pray for our current four TOT’s in Mexico as they complete another training in Oaxaca today, and prepare for trainings in Mexico City and then the Huastecas, with our friend (and future AMO Trainer!) Susie Frerichs Hernández and Club Amistad.
  • Pray for us at AMO México as we raise funds to help meet special needs of the TOT’s in Mexico such as computers, travel assistance, continuing education and an annual retreat.
  • We ask your special prayer, by name, for the new TOT trainees and their nations, listed below. Thank you!

1 Bolivia: Ruth

1 Dominican Republic: Rafael

1 El Salvador: Febe

2 Nicaragua: Franklin and Greter

3 Peru: Elith, Gladys, Juan

3 Zambia: Stephan, Chishimba, Anastasia

11 Colombia: Claudia G, Claudia F, Claudia R, David, Angelica, Gladys, Karen, Kelly, Olga, Samuel, Jenny.

12 México plus 4 auditing: Aldo y Rubí, Africa, Betzabé, Diana y Israel, Esther, Fidel, Josías, Lilliana, Marlene, Mildred, Pablo, Pedro, Priscila, Susie

Top L to R: Gloria Viveros, Elizabeth Bermudez, Elizabeth Aguilar, Esther Suarez. Bottom: Chris and Francelia helping with their evaluation.

Top L to R: AMO Mexico’s first group of TOT’s in 2016, Gloria Viveros, Elizabeth Bermudez, Elizabeth Aguilar, Esther Suarez. Bottom: Chris and Francelia at their evaluation in Oaxaca.

Tabasco Para Cristo

Students at Sureste Theological Presbyterian Seminary of Tabasco, recently, received the AMO Training as part of their course work. Leaders and parents from area churches also joined the training making this class of 53 participants one of our largest, yet.

The training was also special because it was video recorded by Chrysalis International, publisher of AMO®, for future use in projects throughout Latin America. Harvest Media Ministry, based in Arizona, did the filming. AMO México funds were used to donate a 50″ smart-TV to the seminary for use during the video taping and as a teaching aid for seminary professors.

Several of the seminary students were skeptical about the value of a course on children’s education as part of their “higher learning.” They soon became very engaged as their ideas (worldviews) were challenged by scripture.

The AMO training exposes how most of us in the Church have been profoundly influenced by non-biblical ideas about education, art, government, stewardship, who we are in God’s creation, and on and on. By the end of the week, several of the students were eager to acquire AMO curriculum to use with family members and in churches where they serve.

  • We ask your prayers for the seminarians, and for us as we walk with them, in transforming their approach to education.
  • Pray for the seminary’s leaders as they disciple future leaders of families, the Church, and the nation.
  • Pray for the AMO Trainer of Teachers course beginning this March. We are hoping and praying for 10 additional AMO Trainers for Mexico.

Blessings to you from Tabasco,

Chris and Francelia McReynolds

Tabasquenas trained in AMO

Tabasqueñas trained in AMO

Busy Start to 2017

Hello from Tabasco! We are here in the southeast of Mexico carrying out AMO® trainings and working with parents, congregations, and seminary students to focus on education that heals families and nations.

So far, we have had an AMO® training in Comalcalco and have shared biblical worldview lessons with parents and leaders in nearby Huimango, and Cunduacan. We have also met with the student body and leaders at Sureste Presbyterian Seminary in Nacajuca.

We helped the students begin to identify in themselves the “double-mindedness,” that is referred to in the bible. Hearts and minds of integrity set on God’s truth and goodness is powerful, transformational, and very much-needed in our confused and hurting world.

In Comalcalco, Norma, an AMO teacher taking the training for the second time, shared about one particularly difficult student. For weeks she struggled with the child who was disruptive, non participative, and disrespectful. She was determined to appeal to the child’s own responsibility to govern himself according to Christian principles agreed to at the beginning of the school year.

“It’s finally working!” she exclaimed. He is now one of the most engaged, he brings his bible regularly, and he has stated, emphatically, his preference for his teacher, Norma, over other teachers.

  • We ask you to pray for this state. Drug Cartel activity, corruption, and general insecurity, is higher now than people can remember.
  • Pray for our national leaders to work together and to seek God’s plan for our nations.
  • Pray for our AMO training next week at the Seminary in Nacajuca. 
  • Please, pray also for Ely Aguilar, new AMO Trainer in Oaxaca, who has a training planned there this month.

If you would like to make gifts to support the addition of certified AMO Trainers in Mexico, please, call us (830) 719-5812 or go to The Antioch Partners and search for Project Support/McReynolds.

Thank you, and blessings to each of you in this New Year.

Chris and Francelia

Sharing with parents in Comalcalco biblical principles they can teach in the home.

Sharing with parents in Comalcalco biblical principles they can teach in the home.

Francelia teaching in Huimango, Tabasco

Francelia teaching in Huimango, Tabasco

We've taken the AMO training to Comalcalco in 2015 and 2017

We’ve taken the AMO training to Comalcalco in 2015 and 2017