A Shrewd Outfit

The crooked steward did all he could with what he had in the time he had left, and Jesus commended him for his shrewdness. The “children of light” should be so astute – not at making friends for themselves in a self-serving temporary sense – but, at making friends for the Kingdom of God for eternity.

Today, there are many children of light heeding the lesson Jesus teaches in Luke 16:1-9. In like-minded unity around the AMO® educational program they do all they can in the time they have on earth with the gifts God gives them to help children become friends with Jesus.

Nora disciples the children from troubled families in her neighborhood. Elizabeth and Francelia write curriculum that will be shared with thousands. Josias and Ely disciple parents. Marlene and Lilia get materials into the hands of teachers. Edgar and Gloria set an example for many in education. Rick teaches the history of God’s providential hand at work. Cristina travels far and wide to share Christ’s vision for children. Ananias helps his congregation see the importance of God’s education. Jim and Judy, and many others, dedicate prayers and funds. Edgar is setting up schools. Kathy and friends shepherd young adults in becoming disciple-makers. Judith, Socorro, Lili, Yesenia, Mildred and Rubi mentor new teachers. Lilia, Stephanie, Laura and Liliana train parents and teachers. Thousands of prayers and dollars are shrewdly dedicated for claiming the next generations for Jesus Christ. There are too many people to continue naming them all.

If you are reading this, you are probably one of them! With thanks the children (and adults) you befriend for Jesus will one day “welcome you into eternal dwellings” – Luke 16:9. May God increase our wisdom – and shrewdness – for making friends for eternity.

Nora’s Neighbors

INPM Celebrations 2022

On June 4-5, 2022, the executive committee of the General Assembly of Iglesia Nacional Presbiteriana de México (INPM) began a series of events commemorating three very special anniversaries: the 150th anniversary of the founding of the first Presbyterian church in Mexico at Villa de Cos, Zacatecas, the 140th anniversary of Seminario Teologico Presbiteriana de Mexico (STPM in Mexico City), and the 75th anniversary of the General Assembly of the INPM. This first event occurred at INP Puerta de Salvación at the STPM campus.

In affirmation of God’s direction, biblical Christian education and discipleship was placed front and center on this very important occasion. Invited to present were Francelia McReynolds, Antonio Alvarez and Josias Luna. Together they presented a coherent and inspired message to bless the family and encourage the leader.

Francelia began by presenting Biblical Design for the Family, teaching that the intimate relationship within the Trinity is the divine example given to families today. Antonio taught about the friendship of brotherly love between David and Jonathan and presented his book on The Family in Times of Uncertainty and Adversity. Finally, Josias, in his sermon on Sunday, issued a powerful call to Church and family to return to God’s command in Deuteronomy 4 to disciple and educate the next generations. All three teachings focused on God’s principles for healing families and the nation through His education and discipleship.

The celebration was broadcast on social media with over 7,000 views so far on Facebook. Saturdays event can be seen here Anniversary and Sunday’s event (Josias begins after minute 39), here: https://youtu.be/Za-XoKfQ-Jc

Additional events will be held in Tabasco, Veracruz, and Villa de Cos in July. The executive committee will present a nearly seventy-page booklet containing a timeline of God’s Providential History in the Presbyterian Church of Mexico, written especially for the occasion by Francelia and based on an original Providential Timeline for Mexico written by Dr. Elizabeth Youmans. Please, join in giving thanks to God and asking for His guidance and protection for all the work in Mexico.

INPM Celebration Mexico City June 2022

Working Together

One of the first AMO Programs for children in Tabasco, Mexico, 2015.

As the year ends, we give heartfelt thanks to each of you who read our updates, support us, and pray for Christian education and discipleship in Mexico. A highlight of this year has been the increase in leadership in the AMO Program in Mexico.

AMO trainers have taken on administration. Two trainers helped teach the Chrysalis online course for new trainees from all across Latin America. Others served the same course in grading papers and providing one-on-one mentoring to the trainees. Others began mentoring groups via Zoom for the video training and still others persevered in carrying out trainings in-person.

The Lord uses your support to transform lives. One of our AMO trainers sent the following testimony just this morning.

Testimony from a participant in a recent video training, Beatriz Adriana of Yucatán: “The truth is that I have previously taken several courses to teach children, but I have never been challenged like I have been in the AMO Program. My perspective has been totally changed and I have been in awe of the biblical truths that I learned: the Biblical Principle of Individuality, Christian Self-government, Christian Character, have all amazed me. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to take this course. Truly, my soul needed to hear these life-giving words. This was a real challenge, and I was hesitant at first but now I thank God for every minute I invested. I can now clearly see God’s providential plan in my life.”

Beatriz Adriana: “La verdad anteriormente he tomado varios cursos para enseñar a niños y nunca había sido desafiada como lo ha hecho el programa AMO. Mi perspectiva ha sido totalmente cambiada y me he maravillado con las verdades Bíblicas que aprendí, el principio bíblico de la individualidad, el autogobierno, el carácter cristiano, es asombroso, estoy realmente agradecida por haber tenido la oportunidad de tomar este curso, realmente mi alma necesitaba escuchar palabras de vida. Esto fue un verdadero desafío, sentía temor pero ahora agradezco a Dios por cada minuto invertido y ahora puedo ver claramente el plan providencial de Dios en mi vida.”

Thank you, again, for your crucial part in this important work.

God bless you and yours in the New Year!

Chris, Francelia and the whole team in Mexico

Valuable Lessons!

The November MeXED video conference was a tremendous success. Around two hundred Christian parents and leaders from all around Mexico joined, including a few from other Latin American countries and the United States.

All twelve of our presenters – most from Mexico – were excellent. They first taught us what Providential history is, then gave samples of Mexican history from the Aztecs and Cortez to modern Mexico in the proper context of God’s Providence.

What followed was an explanation of why children flourish with Providential history and wither when subjected to a secular view. Then, an introduction to AMO Program and its Providential history component, with a final session encouraging us to recognize and tell His-story from God’s eternal perspective.

In between sessions, several individuals and couples shared testimonies of the positive changes in their lives and the lives of their children when they taught Providential history. These testimonies alone would have made a great conference!

The impact of all this surprised us. The many comments we received from those who attended indicated how powerfully the sessions ministered to their hearts. Similar events are now in the planning stages.

When we accept that God’s mission of redemption is always advancing through the good and the bad we are propelled forward in faith and encourage others. Individuals, families and entire nations are transformed.

History is always being told by someone. Let us each become God’s historians.

Psalm 78

1 My people, hear my teaching;
listen to the words of my mouth.
2 I will open my mouth with a parable;
I will utter hidden things, things from of old—
3 things we have heard and known,
things our ancestors have told us.
4 We will not hide them from their descendants;
we will tell the next generation
the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord,
his power, and the wonders he has done.

Mexico’s 500th Anniversary and the Providence of God

This November 5-6 we will gather on Zoom for this year’s MeXed. Please, consider joining Christian brothers and sisters from across Mexico to learn more about God’s providence in our daily lives and in the history of Mexico. Register here. For any questions, email Chris McReynolds at cmcr12@gmail.com.

We ask your prayers for this event and for all participating. Here are the topics that will be covered.

  • Learning Providential History – Pbro. (Rev.) Josias Luna
  • Christopher Columbus and God’s Providential Plan for the New World – Prof. José González
  • Educational and Family Life Before the Conquest: Waiting for the Coming of Christ – Dr. Francelia McReynolds
  • Key characters in Mexican Providential History – Lic. Gloria Viveros
  • The Unhealthy Origins established in Mexican Family Life through the Conquest – Prof. José González
  • The Importance of Teaching Christian History in a Children’s Program – Dr. Elizabeth Youmans
  • Presentation of the AMO Program – Lic. Judith Díaz
  • How a Nation is Blessed by knowing Its Providential History – Dr. Mark Beliles
  • God’s Providential Plan for the Church in Mexico over the past 500 years – Pbro. Edgar Gonzalez
  • Testimony: Encouraging the Study of Christian History in the Church and Reaching out to Leaders – Pbro. Pedro Calix
  • The Transformational Power of the Family Covenant in Mexico – Pbros. Abimael and Rosalba Borbolla
  • Testimony: How to Live in Family/Marriage Under the Power of the Covenant – Drs. Israel and Diana Castillo
  • Timeline of the Providential History of Mexico – Rev. Esther Suárez
  • Testimony: Fruits of Teaching Christian History in a Program for Children – Lic. Nora Calcáneo
  • God’s Providential Plan for the Future of Mexico: What Will We Do as a Church? What will be our role/calling? – Pbro. Aldo Chalé

Prayer Requests

This summer in Mexico there are AMO Program trainings occurring in-person as well as online. Please, pray for those meeting in-person.

Pray for Stephanie as she continues a training in Aguascalientes and Laura as she prepares for a training in Jalisco. There is also a consistent interest in the online video training.

Please, pray for Judith of Puebla as she guides participants through the online process and provides weekly mentoring as they progress through the video sessions. Pray for Rubi of Yucatan as she prepares to mentor an online group. Pray for congregations in Tabasco where the Holy Spirit appears to be working among many to engage deeply in the education of their children.

We continue walking with the Presbytery of Olmeca in Tabasco whose leaders recently completed the online training. Plans, now, are for a series of virtual events by AMO Trainers for parents and teachers that prepare the way for three large trainings in early 2022.

Pray for the July 17th online seminar hosted by Iniciativa Educativa Latinoamericana. Our dear friend Dr. Elizabeth Youmans has been invited to be the main speaker! Please pray for her and for congregations and parents throughout Latin America who are taking seriously the responsibility to educate and disciple their children.

Pray for our MeXed gathering (Christian education and discipleship in Mexico), November 5-6th. Let us reflect on, and learn more together, about God’s sovereign and providential hand on Mexico over the last 500 years during this anniversary of the Conquest of Mexico (1521-2021). Watch for information on how to join us online.

Lastly, in these trying times, pray for the Body of Christ everywhere as she retakes the task of educating and discipling the next generations (Deut. 6:7). Prayerfully consider how you can help shape education in your sphere of influence given to you by God. AMO Program has resources that can help.

Thank you for your prayers! Please, let us know how we can pray for you.

Chris McReynolds

This Is Why

Various AMO Trainers organize and mentor groups from all around Mexico to take the AMO Training online. Here are just a few comments reflecting the importance of what is taking place.

“My wife and I are newly married and we were very excited to know that the program is designed for two generations. Our desire now is that these Christian biblical principles are present first in us and then also in the life of our daughter who is due to be born in two months. This knowledge has brought us peace and also high expectations regarding our mission here on earth and in this place.” ~ Jonathan, 33 years old.

“I am very excited to implement the AMO Program with its reflective method. This method is so important.” ~ Elfida

“This course affirms the great importance of our children and how we should not simply entertain them but, rather, train them up within a loving relationship.” ~ Lidia

“In this training we had a fourteen year old boy who has been one of our students in AMO. He is now taking the training in order to be an assistant to his teacher and later an AMO teacher. We are very excited to witness that our program is entering the second generation. Our future teachers will be former students of our AMO Program! Glory to God!” ~ Esther Suarez, AMO Trainer, Tlacolula, Oaxaca

Recent graduates of the online course with, AMO Trainer, Judith Diaz. of Puebla. Various AMO Trainers around Mexico have been guiding students from all across Mexico through the training.