About Us

Directors of AMO México, Chris and Francelia Chavez McReynolds, serve a growing community of believers from Presbyterian as well as various church denominations and backgrounds. This community is seeking to respond with strategy and training to God’s calling to raise the standard of Christian biblical discipleship and education for the transformation of families and the nation.

AMO México brings together people of the United States and México who are dedicated to helping families fulfill their God-given role as roots that grow a healthy nation. Through wholistic biblical Christian education families are being nurtured using the AMO® Program, published by Chrysalis International. Parents, teachers and trainers, from all across México, are being equipped and inspired through five-day trainings followed by long-term personal discipleship.

Biblical Foundations for Christian Education and AMO® Program is the name of the five-day training that is imparting biblical vision and inspiration for hundreds of parents and church leaders to disciple their children and youth. AMO® Program is the name of the curriculum that is used in a variety of settings – the home, school, clubs, Sunday school, etc.

Another important part of the AMO México ministry is to facilitate relationship-building between ministries and individuals who are following God’s call to disciple the nation’s.  Almost yearly, AMO México helps organize the MeXED conference. MeXED, or Christian Education and Discipleship in México, is a three-day conference for building relationship and learning. This gathering brings together Christian educators and supporters, at all levels, from all over the United States and México (and beyond) to connect and work together as the Body of Christ. Contact us for more information.

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