AMO México Update

We are thankful for all that has been going on with the ministry so far this year. Those of you who support it in the various ways are blessing a nation.

Additional AMO Trainers are being trained for their certification later this year. The five-day AMO Training videos continue to bless many in the absence of in-person trainings. And there seems to be greater interest than ever before for wholistic biblical Christian education by parents and churches across Mexico.

We are also excited as the Lord continues to raise up additional leaders in the ministry. Pastor Josias Luna, of Oaxaca, was invited by Dr. Elizabeth Youmans to teach, for the first time, last week’s online course for a class of forty leaders from different countries in Latin America. Josias and his wife, Elizabeth, were among the first of those trained in Mexico back in 2013. As they implemented the program in their church, they felt called to become AMO Trainers so they could better serve their church, INPM Amor y Proclamación, as well as train others in Oaxaca. Elizabeth earned her certification in 2016 (the first class of trainers in Mexico) and Josias in 2018. Today there are twenty-eight AMO Trainers in Mexico.

We ask your prayers for the Presbytery of Olmeca in the state of Tabasco, Mexico. The pastors and leaders of this presbytery are finishing, this week, the AMO Training on video. The Presbytery voted in January to implement AMO Program in all it’s churches and missions, beginning in August 2022. That is when their current curriculum cycle ends. Our prayer is that our AMO Trainers in that state will be able to freely train, in-person, the many teachers and parents throughout the Presbytery by August of next year.

Please contact us anytime. Thank you for your prayers!

In Christ,


4 thoughts on “AMO México Update

  1. gracias por incluirme en sus comentarios, estaré orando por el trabajo en Tabasco, Dios bendiga el Ministerio de Amo en México.


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