Easter – Unstoppable

As Covid-19 highlights our vulnerable nature in this fallen world, Jesus Christ establishes our invincible – unstoppable – nature. Tomorrow we will celebrate Easter with much deeper gratitude for the power of salvation and transformation by God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

As His body, we are being “pushed out of the nest” in many ways. Never before has the Church harnessed technology to such a degree as now for worship, fellowship, education and evangelization. This might be the greatest ever blessing-in-disguise for discipling the nations for Jesus Christ.

In Oaxaca this past month, Veronica had worked hard to prepare herself and to invite others to attend her practicum. She would become the fifth AMO Trainer to be certified in Oaxaca, Mexico – a place where school closings are “old hat.”

Several people who pre registered had cancelled due to the virus threat and we were concerned that her hard work would be in vain. However, a brave group did meet, and we had an extraordinary, albeit surreal, week of being inspired and taught by God’s Word and watching as the world began to shut down.

Veronica was able to complete an excellent practicum and we are blessed to have her as a new AMO Trainer in Mexico! Please, pray for her and her family who serve so powerfully in Oaxaca. Pray for their protection and for God’s guidance in the weeks to come.

The long drive from Oaxaca back to Texas was eerily peaceful with little traffic as people began isolating at home. Now back in Texas we have had video conferences with various ones discussing the ministry and what to do. The Lord put on Francelia’s heart a burden for the children stuck in their homes.

After initial brainstorming with Elizabeth Youmans and Cristina Inchaustegui, we got to work setting up our spare bedroom as an AMO classroom for video conferencing with the children. As she broadcast an invitation to parents in the AMO network through Facebook, thirty responded within the first hour.

Now, children from Peru, Columbia, United States and mostly Mexico have begun meeting each morning with Francelia using Zoom. It has been working great.  Francelia and the children are able to interact well and they are engaged and excited!

Other AMO Trainers in Tabasco, Oaxaca, Yucatán and Mexico City have since started their own virtual classes. Importantly, the parents of the children are being encouraged to take the five-day AMO Training by video. In God’s providence Chrysalis International video-recorded Francelia three years ago and now has the full training available online.

As an image of our Lord’s death and victorious resurrection, the Church – worldwide – cannot be stopped, no matter what the threat. In Christ, we all march onward in His victory. Happy Easter!

Praying with you,

Chris and Francelia

The group trained in Oaxaca March 2020

Children signed in for their AMO class

Francelia in the AMO classroom set up for video

Video shot of AMO class online