So Thankful

We are thankful to God for the many people…

  • who are patient with all our travelling
  • who write notes and call
  • who pray for us and for the ministry
  • who spend time helping us think through the needs of the ministry
  • who help us raise funds
  • who disciple us with God’s Word
  • who train to be trainers with us
  • who tend to our administrative needs
  • who always search for better health insurance for us
  • who inspire us and teach us
  • who invest their time and effort teaching children with the AMO® Program
  • who invite us to their homes and ministries
  • who plan retreats for us
  • who donate their vehicle for our use
  • who invite us to their table
  • who donate to our support
  • who challenge us to grow
  • who offer wise counsel
  • who hold us accountable
  • who go before us and on whose shoulders we stand
  • who exemplify Jesus’ self sacrifice for others

And we are thankful for so much more. Thank you for all you do!


Chris and Francelia

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