Pray for our TOT’s

With thankful hearts, we report that 12 new candidates from Mexico have enrolled to become AMO Trainers! In addition, four pastors will be auditing the course, by Chrysalis International, in order to become leaders in helping us prepare local churches with greater vision for education.

Almost 40 in total, from various nations, have been accepted in recent days to Chrysalis’ online course for equipping new AMO Trainers of Teachers (TOT’s). As we’ve mentioned before, these trainers will, in turn, teach thousands of parents and church leaders to transform the education of their children and the future of their nations.

Education sustained, informed, and inspired by God’s Word, is providing purpose, understanding, and love of learning for a growing number of children. We need your fellowship in the Spirit, with prayers and support.

  • Please, pray for the class that begins March 16th. Most have very busy schedules and deal with many challenges in order to attend and do homework.
  • Pray for Dr. Elizabeth Youmans, who will teach the majority of the sessions, as well as Cristina Inchaustegui, Francelia McReynolds, Jill Thrift, Jose González, Darrow Miller, and Luis Sena.
  • Pray for all the resources needed to fund and equip this course. Each TOT has qualified for a scholarship that covers the majority of their cost. If you would like to help fund these scholarships, please contact us, or write
  • Pray for our current four TOT’s in Mexico as they complete another training in Oaxaca today, and prepare for trainings in Mexico City and then the Huastecas, with our friend (and future AMO Trainer!) Susie Frerichs Hernández and Club Amistad.
  • Pray for us at AMO México as we raise funds to help meet special needs of the TOT’s in Mexico such as computers, travel assistance, continuing education and an annual retreat.
  • We ask your special prayer, by name, for the new TOT trainees and their nations, listed below. Thank you!

1 Bolivia: Ruth

1 Dominican Republic: Rafael

1 El Salvador: Febe

2 Nicaragua: Franklin and Greter

3 Peru: Elith, Gladys, Juan

3 Zambia: Stephan, Chishimba, Anastasia

11 Colombia: Claudia G, Claudia F, Claudia R, David, Angelica, Gladys, Karen, Kelly, Olga, Samuel, Jenny.

12 México plus 4 auditing: Aldo y Rubí, Africa, Betzabé, Diana y Israel, Esther, Fidel, Josías, Lilliana, Marlene, Mildred, Pablo, Pedro, Priscila, Susie

Top L to R: Gloria Viveros, Elizabeth Bermudez, Elizabeth Aguilar, Esther Suarez. Bottom: Chris and Francelia helping with their evaluation.

Top L to R: AMO Mexico’s first group of TOT’s in 2016, Gloria Viveros, Elizabeth Bermudez, Elizabeth Aguilar, Esther Suarez. Bottom: Chris and Francelia at their evaluation in Oaxaca.

Tabasco Para Cristo

Students at Sureste Theological Presbyterian Seminary of Tabasco, recently, received the AMO Training as part of their course work. Leaders and parents from area churches also joined the training making this class of 53 participants one of our largest, yet.

The training was also special because it was video recorded by Chrysalis International, publisher of AMO®, for future use in projects throughout Latin America. Harvest Media Ministry, based in Arizona, did the filming. AMO México funds were used to donate a 50″ smart-TV to the seminary for use during the video taping and as a teaching aid for seminary professors.

Several of the seminary students were skeptical about the value of a course on children’s education as part of their “higher learning.” They soon became very engaged as their ideas (worldviews) were challenged by scripture.

The AMO training exposes how most of us in the Church have been profoundly influenced by non-biblical ideas about education, art, government, stewardship, who we are in God’s creation, and on and on. By the end of the week, several of the students were eager to acquire AMO curriculum to use with family members and in churches where they serve.

  • We ask your prayers for the seminarians, and for us as we walk with them, in transforming their approach to education.
  • Pray for the seminary’s leaders as they disciple future leaders of families, the Church, and the nation.
  • Pray for the AMO Trainer of Teachers course beginning this March. We are hoping and praying for 10 additional AMO Trainers for Mexico.

Blessings to you from Tabasco,

Chris and Francelia McReynolds

Tabasquenas trained in AMO

Tabasqueñas trained in AMO