Praying and Expanding

We ask your prayers for the AMO Trainer of Teachers online class which began two weeks ago with 40 students from across Latin America, including our group of 17 in Mexico. The classes are going very well and everyone is thoroughly enjoying the excellent teaching. Darrow Miller, of Disciple Nations Alliance, taught the first two weeks while Luis Sena, of Dominican Republic, will teach next week. Pray for Luis.

  • Pray for the trainees’ internet connections, their busy schedules, and for God to enable them to apply all they learn.
  • Pray for us as we become facilitators and advocators for them and an expanding ministry.
  • Pray for Elizabeth Youmans, Cristina Inchaustegui, and Francelia McReynolds as they mentor the trainees and review their weekly papers.
  • Pray for Gloria Viveros, AMO Trainer in Mexico City, as she undertakes more work expanding AMO there.
  • Pray for Elizabeth Bermudez and her husband, Chevy and son, Nehemías, in Oaxaca. Elizabeth is helping in our communications with leaders of AMO Programs across Mexico and mentoring new teachers.
  • Pray for AMO Trainer, Esther Suarez, for her upcoming training in the Huastecas.
  • Pray for Elizabeth Aguilar as she plans a training in San Luis Potosi.

Bible reading for reasoning in AMO.