Prayer Requests

This summer in Mexico there are AMO Program trainings occurring in-person as well as online. Please, pray for those meeting in-person.

Pray for Stephanie as she continues a training in Aguascalientes and Laura as she prepares for a training in Jalisco. There is also a consistent interest in the online video training.

Please, pray for Judith of Puebla as she guides participants through the online process and provides weekly mentoring as they progress through the video sessions. Pray for Rubi of Yucatan as she prepares to mentor an online group. Pray for congregations in Tabasco where the Holy Spirit appears to be working among many to engage deeply in the education of their children.

We continue walking with the Presbytery of Olmeca in Tabasco whose leaders recently completed the online training. Plans, now, are for a series of virtual events by AMO Trainers for parents and teachers that prepare the way for three large trainings in early 2022.

Pray for the July 17th online seminar hosted by Iniciativa Educativa Latinoamericana. Our dear friend Dr. Elizabeth Youmans has been invited to be the main speaker! Please pray for her and for congregations and parents throughout Latin America who are taking seriously the responsibility to educate and disciple their children.

Pray for our MeXed gathering (Christian education and discipleship in Mexico), November 5-6th. Let us reflect on, and learn more together, about God’s sovereign and providential hand on Mexico over the last 500 years during this anniversary of the Conquest of Mexico (1521-2021). Watch for information on how to join us online.

Lastly, in these trying times, pray for the Body of Christ everywhere as she retakes the task of educating and discipling the next generations (Deut. 6:7). Prayerfully consider how you can help shape education in your sphere of influence given to you by God. AMO Program has resources that can help.

Thank you for your prayers! Please, let us know how we can pray for you.

Chris McReynolds

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