The Priority that Changes Life Itself

AMO Program is a study of the character of God. A look at who God is in light of scripture. We learn a lot about ourselves in comparison. We then set about nurturing the seed of God’s character that is within ourselves and the young people around us. After all, we are made in God’s image.

God’s character is our guide and our goal for education. Methods that challenge and encourage, along with curriculum that inspires and guides, help create a path of discipleship that transforms teacher and student.

Daily life is lived in an ever-broadening appreciation and understanding of who God is, what his will is, and how blessed we are to join him because of his son Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit that inspires the student in their study of God’s character also guides the student in practicing God’s ways – his principles – each day. This in turn disciples family and society.

The transformation does not just happen. It takes commitment and a life-changing reorder of priorities. Godly education is a lifeline that tens of thousands in Latin America are grabbing on to. Families and churches are transforming. Those who have eyes that see are reporting changes at the national level in Dominican Republic and Colombia. These changes began at the individual and family level.

By God’s reckoning, Mexico is on its way to a future when his truth, justice, and moral goodness dominate. We leave the ‘when’ to God. It all may seem overwhelming but God can do this in any community, including yours!

For help, see

In Christ,

Chris and Francelia McReynolds

Adele with her parents and other families transforming Tabasco, México!
Certified agents for God’s transformation of Texas and beyond!
Pastor Alexandro and his students transforming Michoacán!

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