High School Students and Children

High School students joined us recently to help with our online AMO classes for children. In their study of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe the children were able to hear the story in Spanish and English throughout the week. The daily vocabulary words and biblical principles expressed in the story were also taught by the students in English.

Caleb, seven years old from Veracruz exclaimed, “I always dreamed of having English speakers teach me English!” Caleb’s mother expressed her appreciation, as did the other parents. Many of these parents, seeing firsthand how the classes work and how their children respond, are enrolling in the online video AMO Training.

We ask your prayers for God’s wisdom on how to take even better advantage of technology in these days of pandemic and beyond. Having young people interacting together, each from their homes in different nations, promises so many possibilities.  We are thankful to the leaders and students at First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio who dedicated their time to teach the children and inspire their learning.

Chris and Francelia McReynolds


High School students inspiring children

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