Added Benefits

Discipling our future leaders – children – requires close relationships where trust and inspiration grow. The “pandemic option” leaves us interacting with postage-stamp sized images of each other. Will video conferencing work? Will inspiration and the desire to learn still grow? Our AMO teachers are finding out it does work, and with added benefits.

Children now join AMO classes from places where no programs exist locally. Parent involvement has skyrocketed as they print out materials for their children and listen in on their child’s classes. Meeting with parents to encourage them has become more practical. Due to this, almost a hundred parents have enrolled in the AMO video training-for-teachers in just the past three months and similar growth is happening in other countries, as well. More and more, AMO teachers are restarting their programs.

Often, a third of Francelia’s class is made up of AMO teachers who are tuning in to watch how it is done. The nature of AMO is highly relational. Those who are intimidated by the screen and might be tempted to simply present information to the children, fail. When they see Francelia’s determination to take time to interact with each child, they get it, and off they go to begin their own online classes.

What about the many children who have no internet access? That number is rapidly getting smaller. Some children are joining class via smartphones. And according to statistics, half of the people in Mexico now have cellular phones with internet access.

Also, we continue discipling new AMO Trainers. We ask your prayers for our next group to be certified by Chrysalis International as AMO Trainers in Mexico. As you remember, their nine-month training was online and now their practicum – which has always been in person – will also occur online in a live virtual classroom of parents eager to learn. Pray for Ananies, Laura, Stephanie, Lili, and Adriana who will all complete their certifications in August.

We thank God for giving His Church ways, not to merely survive, but to thrive in the midst of crisis! Thank you, for your prayers and support.

In Christ,

Chris and Francelia

Francelia teaching children online.

Children from four nations in the same classroom!

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