Campeche Youth and New Trainers

Youth from six churches met last week in Campeche, México. Invited by the group’s leaders, Francelia taught the youth that each person is to use the potential God placed in him or her to glorify Him in all they do. The arts, vocations, schooling, family life, worship – everything – is to be lived out for God’s glory and restorative purpose. This is what transforms our cultures.

Andres, 13 years old said, “what I liked most was when we all knelt together to pray for our country.” The youth were encouraged as they were taught that, as Christ’s body, they are God’s agents of transformation and healing for their nation.

  • Pray for the youth of Mexico to receive God’s vision for their lives and nation.
  • Pray also for our TOT’s here in Tabasco who will finalize, this week, their near-year-long preparation to become AMO trainers in Mexico. Fidel, Afrika, Diana, Marlene, and Esther will train others, for five days, as we evaluate and give feedback. The remaining TOT’s will train in March and April. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Blessings to you in this New Year!

Chris and Francelia

Campeche youth praising God through music and dance.

Francelia discussing with youth how their lives glorify God

Youth Singing and Dancing in Praise


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