First Group of TOT’s Approved!

Please, give thanks to God that there are now five additional AMO Trainers in Mexico! Afrika, Marlene, Fidel, Diana and Esther (L to R in photo with banner) completed their practicum last week here in Tabasco and will now begin training parents and others, on a voluntary basis, using Biblical Principles of Christian Education and the AMO® Program, by Chrysalis International.

Dr. Elizabeth Youmans, supporting from her office in Florida, and Francelia worked diligently evaluating, giving feedback, and approving the certifications. Both expressed joy, congratulations and affirmation of our promise to continue walking together with these committed leaders.

Eager to get started, the new AMO Trainers have already organized two new trainings for February. Please, pray for each of them as they disciple families and their nation from a whole new level of commitment and preparation.

Also, please, pray for the remaining TOT’s who are preparing for their practicum in Mérida and Puebla this April. Rubí, Mildred, Liliana, Judith, Susie, Betzabé and Pablo, upon their certifications, will bring the total to seventeen AMO Trainers in Mexico.

Thank you for your role in making all this happen!

In Christ,

Chris and Francelia

Preliminary group of AMO Trainers approved in Tabasco!

New AMO Trainers in Tabasco

One thought on “First Group of TOT’s Approved!

  1. Glory to God for these new Trainers and the work of the Kingdom that the Lord will be doing through them! Lord Jesus anoint them for the task that you have given.


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