New Beginnings

Eighty-seven people representing twenty-four churches gathered in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico, last week for a very special training in Biblical Principles of Christian Education and the AMO® Program. They will now form programs for children in the aftermath of the September earthquakes which have left public schools crippled, operating only one or two days per week. Thousands of people still live in tents and shelters.

Churches have coordinated to continue meeting physical, spiritual, and educational needs. By God’s providence, three of our AMO Trainer of Teachers (TOT’s) live in Oaxaca, with one more to be certified very soon. This will enable us to walk closely with new programs to offer whatever help they need. We invite you to help educate a new generation with biblical principles to transform lives and disciple the nation.

Nueva Vida Church of Oaxaca City has committed to supplying 9 programs with all the material supplies they need to serve 225 children. Children from the church packed and prayed over each box. They demonstrated that most of the essential supplies for one program fits into a 2x2x4 ft. box! The material cost is about $400 per year per program. We also need to raise funds to help our TOT’s move about. If you and/or your church would like to help, please call (830) 719-5812 or donate at The Antioch Partners.

Even as the aftershocks continue, there is a hopeful sense of new beginnings and transformation for the region. Pastora Martha Ramirez’ church was destroyed in the earthquake. “I’ve learned so much through the difficulty. We continue fasting and praying. God wants us to impact our society” she says.

Our week ended, as usual, with an in-depth look at biblical principles concerning fine arts. This provides a perfect time to show off the internal creativity and beauty that God has placed in each person. Enjoy the photos by clicking below.

Please, pray for this region and we invite you to consider funding efforts there.

In Christ,

Chris and Francelia

Juchiteca with backdrop of AMO art projects

Francelia with amiguita

TOT’s – Gloria Viveros, Francelia McReynolds and Esther Suarez – reviewing plans as they train in Salina Cruz.

Tito Quiroz, violinist and recipient of the 2015 National Youth of the Year Award in Mexico visits our training.

Traditional dresses of the Tehuantepec region

Congregation in Ixtaltepec meeting at home after destruction of church in Sept. earthquakes

Parents and leaders training to raise up the next generations with God’s Word nurturing the full potential He has placed in each one.



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