Return to Chiapas

Our first events in Chiapas, the southernmost state in Mexico, were in 2019. We trained seminary students and church leaders in Comalapa then the pandemic hit. We finally returned this month, invited by leaders of Estrella de Belen Presbyterian Church in Tuixcum, near the city of Motozintla. The 102-year-old church, the mountain views, the excellent hospitality, and the eagerness of the church members to go deeper into biblical principles for marriage, education, and work-life made for a great trip.

Francelia taught four sessions, Friday through Sunday. The lessons included precursors to the five-day AMO training to be held later. Lessons on reflective method of learning/teaching as well as the marriage covenant and servant-leadership were enthusiastically welcomed by young and old. Later this Spring we will train in Tuxtla Gutierrez, the state capitol. For now, we have returned to Tabasco for weekly activities.

Chiapas is vast and, in the mountains, roads are very narrow and winding making for difficult travel. It has not been safe, we are told, to travel to Comalapa due to drug cartel in-fighting. Pray for that to end.  Pray, that the Lord guides us and our trainers here in the neighboring state of Tabasco to better equip local leaders throughout Chiapas for greater biblical Christian transformation and discipleship of future generations. Pray for Chiapas to have its own AMO trainers one day throughout the state who can better serve the needs of the churches there. Thanks for your prayers!

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