Equipping for the Future

In Mexico, an important new chapter began in 2014 for parents and church leaders desiring to raise their families on biblical, Christian principles that transform individuals, families, and the nation. The AMO® Program had been used on a limited basis in México since 2006. However, with no certified Mexican AMO Trainers, growth was limited. Now there is AMO México™. We are dedicated to working alongside churches in México and the United States, and Chrysalis International – publisher of AMO®, to raise up Mexican teachers for permanent and sustainable AMO® Programs for children in México.

In 2014, the five-day apprenticeship, Principles of Christian Education for Discipling Nations and AMO® Program, was taught through AMO México to 230 adults representing ministries in 10 Mexican states. The number of children being served with AMO® through various ministries increased sixty percent to nearly 1,000.

Francelia Chávez McReynolds, the first and only certified Mexican AMO Trainer, was very busy last year, to say the least! The feed-back from those trained in México was overwhelmingly positive. “I’ve been to a lot of trainings on education, but, none like this,” commended Thelma Martinez, long-time Christian educator in Villahermosa, Tabasco. Now, Francelia and others are excited to be on the verge of helping, perhaps, 3-5 additional Mexican candidates to begin their year-long apprenticeships to become certified AMO Trainers.

These wonderful new candidates begin weekly online classes, this March, with Dr. Elizabeth Youmans and other excellent teachers of Biblical Worldview and Christian education, including Jose Gonzalez, Luis Sena and Dr. Jill Thrift. After successful completion of classwork, the candidates will continue to be discipled through AMO México and then evaluated. The expenses for the entire process will be approximately $5,000 (U.S.) per candidate. Each candidate can apply for up to $4,500 in scholarship funds. Help is needed in order to offer these funds. If you feel called to provide some of these funds, please phone Chris McReynolds at (830) 719-5812 for more information. We look forward to reporting on the progress and asking for your prayers.

Please, pray for these candidates and their funding, for the families in México working to transform their nation, and for AMO México.

Learning God's Word for our lives

Learning God’s Word for transformed lives.


2 thoughts on “Equipping for the Future

  1. It is so wonderful to hear the continuation of God’s blessings and work by our friends there in Mexico. Our prayers are with you. We so wish we could do so much more. Please continue to be our hands, minds and hearts there while we are not physically to do so. Thank you for the updates.

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