Apprenticeships and Prayers

AMO® Apprenticeships are lined up, in Mexico, for the cities of Xalapa, Mexico D.F., Puebla, and Mérida with another one or two possibilities still in-the-works. We are excited about these plans and the partners we are working with in the local churches that host us. With their help, we invite their community’s churches and parents to take part in the 5-day courses (apprenticeships). We also announce these apprenticeships to our growing network of churches and individuals throughout Mexico who are interested in Biblical Christian education for transforming their families, communities, and nation.

In addition to this year’s apprenticeships, we are planning AMO Workshops and a few Vision Casting events. The workshops will help those who have already undertaken the AMO Apprenticeship to review and continue learning for improving their children’s education. The Vision Casting events are for introducing AMO into new cities. In these presentations we will share some of what we can learn through the Bible about education and how AMO can help.

We ask for your prayers for God to prepare and protect the participants He has planned for this year’s events and safety for Francelia and I (Chris) as we travel. Please, also pray for the many children in current AMO Programs and for many more to be served through this Biblical Christian education that nurtures God’s purpose and potential in each child.

We ask for special prayers for the family of one young boy, Josmar, who was shot and killed in El Moro de Matazan, Oaxaca. The details of the shooting are not known to us, but this young boy attended the new AMO Program that began in that small town last December. Pray for the teacher, Guadalupe Melchor. Guadalupe trained with us in Juchitán, Oaxaca. She and her husband have wonderful hearts for children and need your prayers as they disciple their group of forty-plus children.

Guadalupe signing

Guadalupe with children in El Moro

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