Prayers Needed

Communicating with a growing network of partners through a growing number of ways can be a challenge. Here’s Francelia in a hotel room in Chiapas “Whatsapping” with one of our fellow AMO Trainers.

We join with all of you praying for those in Houston and in all areas affected by the hurricane. Please, pray for our team at The Antioch Partners (TAP), based in Houston. News from TAP’s director, Andrew Adair, is that they are safe and very busy helping others.

Andrew asks for prayer for Evelyn Smith, Personnel Assistant for TAP, who suffered a severe fracture to her left leg while in Uganda with a team from her church. Pray for her safe return from Uganda and her care back in Houston, if she is to stay there. Evelyn is a wonderful support to us and all TAP members around the world.

Please, pray for The Antioch Partners fundraiser dinner planned for the 28th of September. As mentioned, TAP provides support to us, and all TAP partners around the world, in a variety of very important ways. From health insurance and income tax withholding to educational support and spiritual well-being, they truly dedicated themselves to helping us. Please, consider donating to TAP and keep an eye on the website for updates.

Finally, we ask for your continued prayers for our upcoming MeXed gathering in Oaxaca, this September 19-21. Biblical Christian educators and friends from around Mexico and the United States will gather for the fifth year to strategize and equip for discipling the nation. Staying connected as the body of Christ is a crucial part of the work. Call (830) 719-5812 in the U.S. and (55) 2118-3003 in Mexico to join us.


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