Thanking God for the Growth

MeXED Oaxaca 2017…join us!

Please, give thanks to God for the very successful AMO Training by Gloria Viveros in Guadalajara last week. This training for nine leaders, perhaps small by some measures, is crucial for opening future opportunities in that city.

Pray for Gloria and her training next week at Sureste Presbyterian Seminary in Tabasco. Pray for strength as she takes on these near-consecutive trainings. We are thankful and blessed by Gloria’s help which allows us to address other areas.

Since the last training at Sureste Seminary in January, approximately 100 more children have entered AMO® Programs. Also the video of the training, recorded at that time, has been sent for use in a Spanish-speaking ministry in – of all places – Stockholm, Sweden!

Dr. Elizabeth Youman’s was contacted by the ministry in Stockholm and has assigned one of our new AMO Trainers, Ely Aguilar in Oaxaca, to mentor the group by Skype as they go through the video training. (Congratulations to team AMO for putting technology to work for the Kingdom!)

Last week’s Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA) conference in Mexico City, led by the up-and-coming DNA Mexico team, was a great success, according to future AMO Trainer, Susie Frerichs, who attended. Susie reports these leaders should greatly help the spread of a biblical worldview among ministries across México. This in-turn helps implementation of AMO Program. Please, pray for this team led by José Curiel of YWAM Guadalajara.

Our visits in Chiapas last week rendered new friendships and future AMO Program training partners. Pray for Chiapas. Pray for the many poor rural indigenous communities who are influenced by activists pushing Marxist ideas, on the one hand, and discriminated against and marginalized by many in Mexico, on the other. Pray for the Church here to embrace AMO and engage in the battle of ideas that is raging. We thank God for his protection when we encountered a roadblock by activists demanding money for their cause, a common occurrence according to pastors we met with.

Pray for Mission On the Move Children’s Home in Tapachula, Chiapas. This group is doing wonderful work with children in need and we plan to offer AMO training for their house parents in future trainings.

Finally, pray for MeXED coming up September 19-20-21. You are invited to join us in Oaxaca for this important gathering of educators, proactive and focused, on Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations. Contact us for details on how to attend…call Chris at U.S. mobile (830) 719-5812.

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