Doing on Earth What is Done in Heaven

“Children of Mexico for Life!” was the theme last Saturday for an afternoon of prayer, invitation, proclamation, teaching, and celebration, all on the main public square of Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. Francelia was invited by a Counsel of Pastors to be the main speaker while about 70 children from the organizing churches led prayer and other presentations for the healing and transformation of their nation. Approximately 400 people attended the event with many other passersby hearing and looking on. Pray for the efforts of the local churches here as they disciple their city and nation.

On Tuesday we were invited to address two groups of pastors representing a variety of churches in Guadalajara. At these meetings we shared the vision for individual and national transformation by way of Christian education through the AMO® Program. We also shared Biblical worldview training resources from Disciple Nations Alliance. These leaders expressed their thanks and eagerness to engage more.

What is going on in Guadalajara is exciting, and planning for AMO trainings there in August is now underway. Pray for these trainings and also for the efforts of José Curiel director of YWAM Guadalajara. José is a friend and a leader in our annual MeXED gatherings, who has been plowing the ground sharing with these churches God’s vision for life (or Biblical worldview).

From Guadalajara, we went on to Zacatecas where we met with a group of pastors and also taught at a local church. These faithful brothers and sisters received a refreshing and inspiring message for God’s vision for life and planning is in the works for more Biblical worldview and AMO Program training in that city. Please, pray for all this plowing and seed planting to bear an abundant crop of transformation for families and the nation!

Francelia, children, and church leaders calling for God’s will to be done in Guadalajara

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