Prayer requests – Huastecas and Jalisco

We are especially thankful for Esther Suarez and her first solo AMO training carried out last week in the Presbytery of the Huastecas. You will remember Esther as one of our new AMO Trainers, certified last year in Oaxaca. The students loved her and many good relationships were established. Her students were all young leaders and expressed many paradigm changes in response to her teaching. “I’m very happy, full of joy, and also more convinced than ever about the great need for this biblical Christian education in our churches and homes!” Esther said.

  • Pray for the parents and leaders to become more and more empowered by the Lord to do His work of transformation through education.
  • Pray for missionary Susie Frerichs and her husband Abraham Hernandez as they serve as God’s facilitators in the Huastecas, and for Susie, as she prepares to become a future AMO Trainer.
  • We ask your prayers, also, for an event in the Huastecas this November. We are planning, and raising funds, for Luis and Carmen Sena, of the Dominican Republic, and for Pastor Amos Cahuich, president of San Pablo Seminary, to travel to there as a team to teach biblical worldview for helping families and communities live into their God-given potential. These plans germinated at last year’s MeXED gathering at San Pablo Seminary, Mérida.
  • Please, pray for the “Jalisco for a new México!” public event in Guadalajara, Jalisco, later this week, organized by the church, Communidad de Reino RestauraSion Agape. Francelia will be teaching Christian View of the Child, to children, youth, and parents from the community. Pray this will be the beginning of transformation for many.
  • Pray for our meetings with church leaders in Jalisco following these events.

Thanks and blessings to each of you,

Chris and Francelia

Esther Suarez in the Huastecas

Esther Suarez group at her first training.


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