Oaxaca Prayers

By Chris and Francelia Chavez McReynolds.

Laura Toledo trained with us in Oaxaca in 2014. She and others at her church have been teaching there with AMO ever since. Laura recently shared with us that some of her first students are now helping with the younger children. She shared also that over half of her students have parents who are separated or divorced, causing a great absence of guidance and security in the lives of the children. Through the children’s testimonies to their parents about their classes, many parents began to seek counsel from Laura.

Exemplifying the priority in AMO of nurturing parents, as well as the children, Laura stated “my husband and I, regularly, counsel parents. They’ve given us access into their lives and many come to us with serious problems.” “The program has brought about a change in our leaders also” she continued. “Since taking the AMO training, many more have become personally involved with the children for their education and discipleship” she stated.

We ask for your prayers for Oaxaca. As mentioned in prior posts, the state ranks last in all of Mexico in quality of education. In 2014, MeXED was held in Oaxaca to lend support to emerging biblical Christian education initiatives in various churches there. For the same reason, we’ve held four AMO Apprenticeships in the state, so far. And God has seen to it that three of our four new AMO Trainer candidates are based in Oaxaca.

  • Please, pray for – and look forward with great anticipation to – God’s future for the families of Oaxaca. Join us in giving thanks to God for the hard-fought transformation that is taking place day-by-day in families who are struggling. Pray for parents/leaders/teachers/counselors like Laura, who are serving with faith, perseverance, and a dedication to preparing themselves for the work.
  • Pray also for the next AMO Apprenticeship scheduled for Oaxaca for June. Pray for our Trainer candidates – Elizabeth, Ely, Gloria, and Esther – who will complete their AMO practicum and evaluation at that Apprenticeship.
  • Francelia and I ask for your prayers as we, and the entire AMO team, discern God’s wisdom and plan for this growing ministry. Two specific prayer needs are for how to make readily available AMO’s educational materials to parents and teachers across the country and, how to help our new trainers in the best ways possible once they are certified.
  • Pray for a movement among many ministries in Mexico, the United States, and beyond, to work in concert in God’s restoration and healing of our nations through wholistic biblical Christian education.
  • Thank you for your prayers!
Oaxaca group trained in AMO

Some of those in Oaxaca trained in AMO


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