Campeche Efforts and Prayers for Election Chaos

San Francisco de Campeche, the state capital of Campeche, was our next stop after the AMO Apprenticeship in Mérida, Yucatán. We spent the last week of May visiting church leaders, teaching at congregational activities, and encouraging those who had received AMO training in the past. Many are inspired and determined.

Geography lessons as we study the Bible

Geography lessons as we study the Bible

Minerva Chan Lopez has been working hard implementing AMO since she was trained in 2013. It has been difficult. As leaders of her small church diverted resources, and focus, to adult programs for a plan to build up the church, Minerva and her helpers soldiered on in teaching the children without much support – morally or materially. With our visit, we were able to help the congregation gain a greater vision for the children and to invite them to our AMO workshop later in the week. The pastor and several members attended and became inspired and determined to help. Minerva is now receiving greater support for the children and plans are for more church members to be trained in AMO.

Minerva (seated left), Francelia and other women of the church preoccupied for the education of the children

Minerva (seated left), Francelia and other women of the church discussing the education of their children


At the largest Presbyterian church in the city, Monte de los Olivos, the leaders wanted to improve their education plan. Catechism and Creeds and Confessions made up, in its entirety, their multi-year curriculum. The material was heavy for teachers and students, alike, and leaders questioned the fruit of their efforts. After many hours of discussion with leaders and a conference with parents, plans are being made to add the AMO curriculum. Children will be nurtured with biblical principles for everyday life, reasoning skills for bible study, higher vocabulary, Godly imagination and a love for learning. Catechism will continue to be taught and Creeds and Confessions will be an extension of AMO’s Christian History unit.

We are very encouraged by the vision and desire of our Brothers and Sisters in Campeche and are excited to walk with them in their long-term efforts.

Thank you, for your prayers for our travel.

In Christ,

Chris and Francelia

We ask you to pray for:

  • Church leaders in Campeche (and throughout Mexico) as they discern God’s leading in equipping future generations to disciple their families and communities for Christ’s transformation of their nation.
  • Minerva as she teaches her young disciples and continues sharing the vision of wholistic biblical Christian education with the parents and her congregation. There is great potential to reach hundreds of children and their families, by even the smallest of churches, when everyone has the same vision and commitment. Pray for us as we help with that.
  • Pray for mid-term elections in Mexico this Sunday. Three candidates in Oaxaca, Guerrero and the state of Mexico, have been killed, so far. Radical, violent, Teacher’s Union groups have destroyed election offices and ballots in Oaxaca and elsewhere vowing to block elections as they continue in their protest of the 2013 Education Reforms. These reforms require testing in order to be employed instead of inheriting or purchasing teaching positions, as in the past. Pray for authorities to follow through and enforce the reforms rather than give in to threats or bribes.
Historic Campeche, on the Gulf coast, was fortified against pirate raiders. It's protective gates are useful to illustrate how AMO helps parents protect and nurture their children's upbrining.

Historic Campeche, on the Gulf coast, was fortified against pirate raiders. It’s protective gates are useful for illustrating how AMO empowers parents against ungodly attacks and influences on their children, helping them to fulfill God’s purpose and potential for their lives.

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