Expanding Vision in the Yucatán

“In my many years as a teacher in Christian education, I’ve never been presented a vision so complete as to how we should teach,” wrote one participant evaluating the recent AMO® Apprenticeship in Mérida, Yucatán, México. Each evening, for two weeks, parents, seminary students, and church leaders met at El Divino Salvador Presbyterian church, downtown, to listen, discuss, experience and practice a “new” kind of education. Education based on biblical Christian principles that have blessed families and individuals throughout the ages. Principles derived from God’s individuality, Christian self-government, stewardship, Christian character, the arts, and more.

Omar and Zugeilly Hau Yah, a young couple who attended the apprenticeship, are now implementing this education with their children, at home. Other’s will begin teaching in their churches and some will use what they learned as they enter pastoral or mission service. We were pleased to have five students join us from San Pablo Seminary, in Mérida.

Children of Gethsemani Church in Mérida, Yucatán

Children of Gethsemani Church in Mérida, Yucatán

Pastor Aldo Chalé and, wife, Rubí Hernández, lead Gethsemane Presbyterian church, across town. Leaders at Gethsemane were the first to implement AMO in Mérida. “We’ve seen good progress in the children in terms of their participation and Christian self-government” says Rubí. “They really enjoy their classes,” she added.

Two Presbyteries in Yucatán were represented by pastors who took the training. They have requested that we return in 2016 with a plan to invite all the churches of their presbyteries.

We are very excited by what we see God doing in the Yucatán Peninsula and how He is stirring in the hearts of parents and leaders for renewal in wholistic biblical Christian education for families and the churches. Please, pray for the vision to spread throughout the Peninsula.

We are very thankful for your prayers and support.

In Christ,

Chris and Francelia

Additional Points for Prayer:

  • Please, pray for this newly trained group as they implement their programs.
  • Pray for God to raise up an AMO Trainer for the Yucatán.
  • Continue to pray for our four Mexican AMO Trainer candidates – Ely, Elizabeth, Gloria and Esther – who are in their third month of the nine month course to become trainers.
  • Please, pray for our safety as we continue our travels through southeast Mexico, teaching and visiting programs. Pray, especially, for Francelia’s voice as she teaches for many hours.
  • We join everyone in praying for flooding to cease and for the recovery for those who’ve suffered from the storms in Mexico and the United States.
Participants enjoying the AMO Apprenticeship in Mérida 2015

Participants enjoying the AMO Apprenticeship in Mérida 2015

Group AMO Merida

The wonderful group in Mérida, Yucatán


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