AMO Apprenticeship in Huitzitzilingo

Huitzi group

AMO® Apprentices in Las Huastecas

We had a wonderful and blessed week last week teaching thirty-seven church leaders in Huitzitzilingo, Hidalgo, Mexico. This rural farming village of 5,000 is located in the beautiful Las Huastecas region of Mexico (east-central). The people speak Náhuatl and Spanish. Our participants were eager to learn and truly embraced the biblical principles of Christian education. The principle of God’s Individuality was especially appreciated by the group.

Indigenous people, such as the Nahua in this region, are often marginalized by society at-large. The fact that God, Himself, is absolutely unique, and that all creation, including every person in every small indigenous village, reflects God’s individuality, helped to heal and refresh the hearts of our participants.

Francelia and the group members fell in love with each other. Many new insights into God’s Word gave inspiration and practical steps to transform the Christian education and discipleship efforts by these leaders who represented eight churches in the area.

Pastor Jorge Bautista, pastor of our host church “Getsemani” Presbyterian Church,  shared some of the principles he learned in AMO® with a non-believer the day after the training. The man, vehemently, expressed to Jorge the hatred he had for Protestants. After at time, Jorge was able to calm the man down and actually bless him and share with him that he is special in God’s eyes and that God has a purpose for his life. The meeting ended with the man thanking Jorge for his encouraging words and expressing interest in reading the Bible. Pastor Jorge and his congregation will continue to minister to this man and many others in what is, at times, a hostile environment. The fullness of the Gospel in this community will heal many.

We look forward to walking with our apprentices as they implement what they learned in their local programs for children. Proyecto Amistad ministry and the Presbytery of the Huastecas are partnering together to begin Club Amistad programs for children in these churches and communities. We at AMO® México equip and disciple the teachers for these programs.

We ask for your prayers for these teachers and the families in these communities that God would show them, more fully than ever before, that He is the source of their liberty, justice, provision, peace, purpose in life and much more.

Francelia in Huitzi

Francelia McReynolds, of AMO® México, teaching in Huitzitzilingo


Learning AMO in Huitzi 2014

Learning through AMO® Program

One thought on “AMO Apprenticeship in Huitzitzilingo

  1. Dear Francelia and Chris, Thanks for the email updates. I send them to our secretary to link to our website. These events must be encouraging to you As a church, we will be meeting with a new pastor who we hope will be leading our congregation for some time to come. Prayerfully yours, Joe


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