MeXED 2014 ~ Success in Oaxaca!

Rocio Carmona, Christian education leader in Oaxaca, speaking at MeXED 2014

Rocío Carmona, Christian education leader in Oaxaca, speaking at MeXED 2014

We are happy to report that his year’s MeXED conference, held in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, was a great success for the almost one hundred leaders who gathered. The theme for this year’s conference was Christian Education in a Post-modern Context.

This larger-than-normal gathering (the usual goal is to have 50-70 attendees in order to facilitate relationship-building) was especially tailored to help meet the expressed needs of our partners in Christian education in Oaxaca. Oaxaca faces some of the highest hurdles in providing quality education to children in the state, according to the Secretary of Public Education in México. Millions of children lose out each year due to teacher’s strikes, corruption, low standards for education, and inadequate outreach to the large population of indigenous peoples in rural areas.

Some of the MeXED participants are seeking to supplement children’s education with the AMO® Program that we teach. A few of the churches represented are using it in their own schools along with their regular curriculum. Other churches are using the program in family groups and community outreach programs. Approximately, 250 children have enrolled in AMO® in Oaxaca since the first of the year. By the end of the year, with God’s help, we will have completed three AMO® trainings in the state.

Each year the gathering is meant to help leaders from various parts of México and the United States to build relationships for the development of wholistic Biblical-Christian education and discipleship in México. Participants include parents, pastors, teachers, Children’s Home staff, publishers and teens-who-teach. This year’s conference was organized by volunteers from host church, Centro Familiar Christiana Nueva Vida of Oaxaca, Semilla, Walk With Mexico™, and AMO® México. Tentative plans are for MeXED 2015 to take place in Tabasco, a state in southeastern México that is poised to impact the nation for Christ.

This year’s conference speakers included, Rev. José Luis Montecillos Chipres (author and historian), Rev. Rocío Carmona (Assemblies of God District Director of Christian Education in Oaxaca), Esteban Cortes Solís (Christian educator and professor of Pedagogy at UNAM), D.Min. Francelia Chávez de McReynolds (Co-director and National Trainer for AMO® México), and Lic. José de Jesús Lucero Ramírez (Christian educator and professor of Law at UNAM). In addition, representatives from several ministries from both the U.S. and México gave their testimonies and shared about the work that God is doing in their midst. One of those is Foundation For His Ministry children’s home of Tlacolula, Oaxaca.

The home for approximately 60 children is developing their own school and expanding their campus. The MeXED and AMO® trainings have proved useful for the home for contacting new teachers for the school that have God’s vision for the children’s great potential and individuality in Jesus Christ.

Points for Prayer: 

Pray that vision for wholistic Biblical-Christian education, for all vocations and every part of life, will continue to spread throughout Oaxaca and all of México.

Pray for strength and encouragement for the teachers and parents that we train using AMO®. Pray that those around them would understand and support them in their calling.

Pray for the children at Foundation For His Ministry, and for children throughout Oaxaca and all of México and the America’s to know God’s love, potential, and purpose for each of their lives.

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