Susie Frerichs Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dear Friends,

A beautiful memorial service was held for Susanne Frerichs Hernandez this past Friday at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Susie’s hometown of Kearney, Nebraska. Her memorial was attended by friends from high school and college as well as many other friends and family from far and wide.

Rev. Chad Anderson, pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church, led the service. Judy Rozema performed a wonderful solo of “In the Garden Medley.” Teri Adair and Chris McReynolds, of The Antioch Partners, shared about Susie’s extensive ministry in Mexico.

Susie’s ministry always had a special focus on biblical Christian education and discipleship for the formation of servant-leaders. Her work began at Proyecto Amistad on the border in Piedras Negras in 1993 and – through those she has discipled – continues on in the Presbytery of the Huastecas and beyond.

Also spoken about was her impact, not just in Mexico but, in the lives of so many individuals and congregations in the United States who supported her work and co-labored with her through the years. Thanks was given to God for each of you who supported, collaborated, and prayed with Susie.

A special message of thanks from Susie’s husband, Abraham Hernandez, was relayed to Susie’s family and to the Church for the love and support they demonstrated for them and their ministry as a couple. Abraham will continue facilitating ministry initiatives between churches in the Huastecas and AMO Mexico.  Please, continue your prayers and support for him.

Many of you have asked about the Scholarship Fund newly established in honor of Susie and the calling Jesus Christ made on her life. This fund will be hosted at The Antioch Partners and will be used to continue, especially in the Huastecas, the kind of work that Susie devoted her life to – making disciples of Jesus Christ with special attention to education. That is, biblical Christian education at all levels that informs and equips people to live out God’s vision for life in every area of life.

You can donate to the Susie Frerichs Memorial Scholarship Fund in these ways:

Write a check, payable to “The Antioch Partners.” In the memo line write “Preference for Susie Frerichs Memorial Fund.” Mail to:

The Antioch Partners

7132 Portland Ave, Suite 136

Richfield, MN 55423

Online donations can be made by clicking this link…

Thank you, for your prayers of thanksgiving for Susie’s life and for God’s consolation for her family members and her many friends in Mexico and the United States. Let us all honor Susie by continuing the work!

In Christ,

Chris McReynolds

P.S. Regarding donations, please, note that 4% card/bank/online fees are taken out of each credit card donation, 2% is taken out of each e-Check, but e-Giving and regular checks don’t have those fees. A form to be filled out for e-Giving can be obtained from Hope Whitney by emailing her at

P.P.S. You can read obituaries for Susie here and here.

3 thoughts on “Susie Frerichs Memorial Scholarship Fund

  1. Thank you for honoring Susie with your kind words shared at the memorial service. You did an amazing job and it meant so much to us. I’m sorry Harvey and I did not join you at Jim and Mimi’s.
    Beverly (Mimi’s sister)


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