Giving Thanks

We have so much to give thanks for!

Our first-ever retreat for AMO Trainers of Mexico was a wonderful success and blessing of rest, encouragement and fellowship for us all. Fourteen of the sixteen trainers and their families gathered for three days this month in historic downtown Puebla, Puebla. Abimael and Rosy Borbolla, pastors at Nueva Vida Church, in Oaxaca, ministered to our group using Jose Gonzalez’ material “Transformado por el Pacto,” affirming commitment to covenant with God for strong marriages, healthy families, and a transformed nation.

Francelia and I are also thankful for the opportunity to accompany Cristina and Alfonso Inchaustegui to Bogotá, Colombia, for a continuing education training for AMO Trainers of Manantial Church. This church has thousands of AMO Programs and is impacting their nation as servants of Jesus Christ. We are thankful to Dr. Elizabeth Youmans, creator of AMO® Program, for inviting us to assist.

We thank you for your prayers and financial support to help make all this happen. We wish each of you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

2018 Retreat for AMO Trainers, Puebla, Mexico

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