Driven by Transformation

Alejandra's mural for the class reading "Joel: A Boy of Galilee" in Oaxaca

Alejandra’s mural for the children reading “Joel: A Boy of Galilee” in Oaxaca

During last month’s MeXED gathering in Mérida, Yucatán, México, we enjoyed fellowship with the AMO teachers/parents and others interested in discipleship/education for children. Someone asked the teachers ”how do you cover the costs of implementing the AMO® Programs?”

One after another some of the teachers, excitedly, began to relate how they involve their local church, receive gifts from individuals, and even recycle used items for shelving, tables, and other necessities, including decorations for the class space. They continually face hurdles but persevere. Their sense of ownership was obvious and their work demonstrates care for the children through planning, preparation and attention to detail.

There are others who need more help to overcome the challenges. We devote a lot of time to help these and we are raising up more leaders to help more people. Regardless of the help we provide, in the end, it takes lots of perseverance. What is it that drives these teachers of God’s Word?

Their drive is fueled by a sense of transmitting God’s eternal Word to the next generation. It comes from witnessing transformation in young lives, and families through committed, inspired, long term education/discipleship, beginning in the home and extending to the community through the church. The “school” of Christian education at home and in the church is crucial.

Darrow Miller, in a great article, quoted an unnamed Mennonite saying “If we cannot control our schools, we lose our children, if we lose our children, we have no future.” Please, pray for the Church, in México and everywhere, to embrace this simple and wise principle.

Please, pray for us as we are currently compiling a list of leaders, already trained and using AMO Program, who would possibly become additional AMO Trainers for México in the coming year. This is crucial for México.

Thank you for your faithful support.

In Christ,

Chris and Francelia

Children's binders and materials collected from church members

Children’s binders and materials collected from church members

Dedicated AMO Teachers in Oaxaca, Elizabeth and Amada

Dedicated AMO Teachers in Oaxaca, Elizabeth and Amada

Details for Agape festival and meal, Tlacolula, Oaxaca

Details for Agape festival and meal, Tlacolula, Oaxaca

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