Parents Responding

Aguascalientes Group

Aguascalientes Group

By Chris and Francelia McReynolds

God’s amazing, unstoppable, plan to make disciples of all nations is most striking when the nations are rebelling. While Christian values and biblical principles are under attack in the United States, the same is true in Mexico.

Organizations promoting “sexual diversity” are collaborating with the Secretary of Education in Mexico targeting kinder and first grade children by providing free literature to schools. Many parents are outraged at the redefining of family, matrimony, and the promotion of gender-chaos.

The 2013 education reforms in Mexico set out to break control of corrupt teachers unions, implement teacher evaluations, and “modernize” education — all potentially good things. Pray for good results as theory and reality collide. Meanwhile, churches in central Mexico are planning to march this September 10th to protest the anti-biblical agenda of government and public education leaders.

At our training last week, in Aguascalientes, the concerns of parents were evident. Parents of two families recently decided to begin schooling their children at home. One of the mothers, Ruth Barrón, said, “This training is an answer to prayer. It’s just what I needed.”

Joel Chávez, a private school teacher, said he plans to build his own school on land he purchased. “I want AMO® as the main curriculum along with vocational training” he stated.

Kimberly Atilano, is also preparing to homeschool her three children. “My husband and I don’t agree with the values being taught (in public schools)” she complained. She’s excited to begin using AMO.

Christian school directors, David and Cristina Roberts, who organized our training, brought ten of the teachers from their school to improve their knowledge and skills in wholistic biblical Christian education and gain a higher vision for what education can be. Their school is already in the state’s top 20 best in academics. They’ve seen an increase in enrollment in recent years and expect to see the largest number of students this year. David said parents are being denied any say in what is taught to their children in public schools.

We are thankful for all these dedicated leaders and blessed to have a part in helping them with AMO. Please, pray for all these efforts. Pray also for the millions of families and children in schools dealing with ideologies they do not agree with.

Join Christian educators and supporters in Mérida, Yucatán, this September 20-22  for MeXED (notice date change). The purpose of MeXED participants is to lift up God’s vision for education throughout Mexico and beyond. Call us for details (U.S. Mobile (830) 719-5812.

Thanks for your prayers!

Trainer Gloria Viveros teaching in Aguascalientes

Gloria Viveros teaching in Aguascalientes

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