Update for Mexico

By Chris and Francelia McReynolds

As we approach another AMO Program training (apprenticeship) next week in Villahermosa, Tabasco, México, we ask for your prayers. Pray for those who will be taking the training and for us, especially Francelia who will do the teaching each day.

This training is hosted by the Presbyterian Seminary of the Southeast, where credits in the seminary’s Christian Education program are made available to anyone, anywhere, completing the AMO Program apprenticeship. It’s been such a busy month that we didn’t finish reporting on our training in Orizaba, Veracruz, which ended April 2nd.

The Orizaba training finished well. One highlight, of many, was a discussion, by way of Skype, between several of our participants interested in starting their own schools and one of our AMO teachers in Puebla, Liliana Rojas, who continues to be successful in her new school. Liliana shared her experience and answered questions for the group. Her testimony is powerful and her determination is contagious (see our October post Amazing Progress in Puebla).

We look forward to walking with these teachers and parents of Orizaba as they explore God’s opportunities for transforming their community and nation. Please, pray for Veracruz, a beautiful place with beautiful families, yet under siege by corruption and Drug Cartels. Pray for a movement of parents and leaders everywhere to begin embracing the opportunities they have to educate the next generations with Biblical Christian principles and ideas in a wholistic way that encourages life and transformation. Since our time in Orizaba, we’ve been busy in Mexico City.

The training here has been somewhat of an experiment, as we’ve split up the apprenticeship into weekends, instead of the usual five consecutive days. It seems to be working and there shouldn’t be any complaints from participants that they don’t have enough time to complete their homework!

Three different churches are represented, including the small church we attend in near-by Amecameca. Those taking the training include two college professors, a pastor, and a few who never finished junior high or high school. It’s amazing to see how God is challenging and equipping each one at their own level and for their own needs as they prepare to teach children using AMO. All are enjoying each other as they envision inspired education and prepare for the challenges ahead.

Our program in Amecameca is going well. The number of children attending has doubled to six. Consuelo, member of the church, is training with us. She will expand the program and take over from us when we travel.

Please, pray for our AMO Trainer candidate, Elizabeth Bermudez and her husband Chevy. Chevy is in California receiving highly specialised medical treatments, wondrously, made available by God working through his people. We invite you to contact us for information on how you can help with their care. Call Chris at (830) 719-5812 or email us at mexico@amoprogram.com.

Please, pray also for our other candidates Elizabeth Aguilar, Gloria Viveros and Esther Suarez. All four, including Elizabeth Bermudez, are nervously, but excitedly, approaching their evaluation in June in Oaxaca to become AMO Trainers. Funds are being raised to fly Elizabeth Bermudez from California to Oaxaca and back again after the evaluation.

On a personal note, we ask for your prayers for Francelia and family as they mourn the recent death of her sister, Teresa, of Mexico City and for Chris’ family mourning the death of a close cousin, Steven, of San Angelo, Texas. Both Teresa and Steven began and ended their valiant two-year battles against terminal illnesses at about the same times.

God bless each of you and thank you for your prayers and support!

Chris and Francelia

Orizaba Group with AMO Certificates

Orizaba Group with AMO Certificates

Training in Orizaba

Training in Orizaba

Miguel Tezoco reading to the group in his native language, Náhuatl.

Miguel Tezoco reading to our group in his native language, Náhuatl.

Learning God's use of "covenant" in Amecameca

Learning God’s use of “covenant” in Amecameca


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