New Jerusalem is Getting Serious

Leaders at “Nueva Jerusalen” Presbyterian Church in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico, are determined to reach the youth of their church and community with the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ. In their well-organized campaign, Operation Rescue, youths are encouraged to enroll in classes at the church designed to nurture their God-given gifts and talents. Bible, theatre arts, literature, and music are the first classes being offered, with more to come. Sessions on restoration and biblical counseling are also starting.

Joaquin Barrientos, one of the older leaders at the church, has a youthful heart and a vision for the future. Six months ago, he and his team of young leaders invited Francelia to speak to the youth at their kick-off event this month. “There are so many, young and old, who have drifted away from the Faith. We have to do something to get them back” says Joaquin.

Youth dedicating their lives to Jesus Christ in Villahermosa

Youth in Villahermosa responding to the call to follow Jesus Christ with their whole lives

One hundred-thirty youths listened intently as Francelia taught the basic biblical principles and ideas that we teach through AMO®. Grabbing their attention, were principles such as ‘God’s individuality is reflected in each of us,’ and ‘Christ governing within us is the only way to experience true liberty.” At the end of the morning the youths were invited to devote, or re-devote, their lives to Jesus Christ. Almost all responded by coming forward to pray!

Reaching the youth in Tabasco

After a very nice lunch, the youths were then introduced to the teachers who would lead the class of their interest each Sunday for weeks to come. The emphasis in these classes is that God is Lord of every part of our lives, including the society we live in and, because of that, we can flourish and fulfill the purposes and potential God has for each of us as we follow Him. Married couples are also part of Operation Rescue.

Couples from the community and area churches were invited to a formal dinner. This included a wonderful singing duo and presentation by Francelia on many of the same biblical principles that were presented to the youth. One of the teachings that provoked special interest was on the divided mind. That we all struggle with a divided mind or, live as if some areas of our lives and society are not important to God, cripples us. “This has been very challenging and helpful for us, we really need more courses like this in the church” commented one young couple.

In response to the leaders and participants, we are facilitating a September conference at Nueva Jerusalen by our friend in ministry, José Gonzalez. José is the author of Machismo and Matriarchy: Toxic roots that blight the Latin American culture. He specializes in helping couples apply God’s wisdom and purpose in marriage. Also, we are planning an AMO Apprenticeship for parents and teachers here in 2016.

Gethsemani Church AMO Program in Mérida, Yucatán

Gethsemani Church AMO Program in Mérida, Yucatán

Points for Prayers:

  • Pray for the children and youth of this community, and those throughout México. Pray for inspired education and Godly guidance amidst the sea of humanist, socialist, materialist, etc., teachings and influences in schools, society, and entertainment media.

Just as a side-note…On a visit this weekend to a local art exhibit of six different artists, the majority of the fifty-plus paintings explicitly depicted satanism and death. Also, in the hit movie Avengers, now in theatres in Mexico, one of the heroes is ridiculed for calling attention to his partner’s use of vulgar language. This may pale in comparison to most of the lies and vulgarity flowing out of Hollywood but, it’s interesting to note how — in an instant — millions of children and youths receive a lesson that vulgar language is not to be criticized. Young people are up against poor education, deceptive media, drug gangs, corruption and many other challenges. The children need our prayers and most energetic and inspired support.

  • Pray for parents and church leaders everywhere, to seek God’s wisdom and strength for living as disciples of Jesus Christ, in every area of life, and for passing that Faith on to the next generations.

Thank you, for your prayers and support.

In Christ,

Chris and Francelia

2 thoughts on “New Jerusalem is Getting Serious

  1. How marvelously God is working in your lives, as well as in the lives you touch! Mexico is blessed, as God moves in so many areas, starting with young people.
    Many prayers to both of you and all those you work with.
    Vija McDill


    • Thank you, Vija. God is imparting, to more and more people, His vision for teaching parents and children wholistically. It’s exciting to see! The MeXED event, each September, is a gathering of the growing number of ministries and individuals with this focus. Plans are for MeXED to be held in Tabasco this year.


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