Mexico City – A Work of Art in Progress, by God

We had an amazing week in Mexico City, this week, training a wonderful group of parents and church leaders representing four key churches in the area and one Children’s Home ministry in Baja California. We thoroughly enjoyed the group and look forward to walking with them as they begin AMO Programs for children in their churches, schools, youth groups and other contexts.

Our daily commute took us past the beautiful Palacio de Bellas Artes building in historic downtown. Art and literature are important elements of a wholistic biblical Christian education (e.g. AMO). You can see, below, class participant and school director, Sara Forcada, treating us to her favorite poem during a break in our eight hour days.

Mexico City is a mass of humanity! Streets so crowded with pedestrians that they choke-off the traffic. In such an environment we are awed by God’s creation and mankind’s reflexion and imitation of His creativity through art, architecture and human ingenuity. But amidst the greatness is a lot of pain and many broken lives.

One nurse, who we met this week, lamented the number of teens that she sees who seek abortions, some repeatedly. There is so much we can do and still need to do as the Church to impact our society through education that is inspired by God’s truth, beauty and goodness! Pray for the growing number of children receiving such an education through AMO.

Also, please, continue to pray for our students who are being discipled to become AMO trainers in Mexico. The number of our Mexican students has dropped from five to four. Pray for Ely, Elizabeth, Gloria and Esther and their success in handling their daily lives plus in-depth studies through AMO. Our prayer is for these four to join us in training even more parents and church leaders beginning in 2016.

Thank you, all, for your prayers and wonderful support!

Sara's poem

Sara treating us to her favorite poem

AMO Materials in Mexico City

Francelia with the many AMO materials available for children’s education


Chris driving in our commute past Bellas Artes!

Chris driving in our commute past Bellas Artes!

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