Preparing Parents in México with Biblical Principles for Education

The last two weeks have been full. We trained parents, teachers, and church leaders in Biblical Principles for Christian Education and the AMO® Program. The first week we gave a training in downtown Mexico City at Principe de Paz Church. Then, the second week, we traveled to the troubled state of Michaocán. It was the first time we trained in that state. Both weeks were full of blessing and we expect much fruit. More and more children are being served as additional teachers are trained.

Our next training is planned for Oaxaca, another state where children face big challenges in accessing quality education. We will be visiting with church leaders there this month (May) to prepare a training for July. This will be the second time we’ve trained in Oaxaca in 2014. We invite your prayers and support. Write Chris McReynolds at

Please, visit for more details on the program that we use to help families prepare themselves with Biblical principles that heal broken lives and transform the future of our families, communities, and nations.

One thought on “Preparing Parents in México with Biblical Principles for Education

  1. Wow! This is “great stuff”! Praise God! Thanks for the info, this is great. I will pass this on to the congregation at First Presbyterian. -Joe


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