Latest on Susie

Dear friends,

The long awaited biopsy scheduled for today has been postponed, once again. A blood thinner was not stopped early enough, making it necessary to re-schedule for tomorrow. A long series of fumbles in Susie’s care continues to frustrate the family and worsen her suffering. Fortunately, the family reports she is sleeping more.

In this frustrating situation, we see just one example of the break-down in our institutions in society. There is a growing lack of Godly character and good education (education that builds character as well as knowledge and skills). Jesus Christ charges all of us with teaching the nations (Matthew 28:18-20). His ways are excellent, loving, hopeful, creative, caring, and self-sacrificing for the good of others. As you know, Susie and Abraham devote their lives to doing and teaching just that. Pray for God’s vision for life in our own lives and guidance for a great revival in teaching the nations. Pray for God to send help and transformation to this hospital. Susie and the people the hospital serves in South Texas need it.

Some of you are asking how to help with expenses. The information below for how to donate is from The Antioch Partners, Susie and Abraham’s sending agency. You can also visit their page here

Ways to Give:

Check (most cost effective): Make payable to “The Antioch Partners”, write “Partner Special Needs Fund-Preference for Susie Frerichs” on the memo line. Mail the check to: The Antioch Partners,
7132 Portland Ave. , Suite 136, Richfield, MN 55423

The donations will support Susie, but we need to ask people to say “Preference for” due to ECFA guidelines.

Credit card or e-Check: Go to
The donor can email Hope ( ) saying they made a donation for Susie.


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