Update on Susie

Dear Friends,

Tests for bacterial infection have come back negative. The first test for Tuberculosis is negative. The lead physician believes Susie has cancer. A much needed biopsy has been postponed twice, so far, and is now scheduled for Tuesday (results will take 24-48hrs). A request for transfer to MD Anderson hospital in Houston has been made but, it is believed this biopsy will be needed for that to happen. Pray for that.

Susie continues with severe pain and paralysis of left arm and leg. Pray for her and strength for the family.

Pray for the leadership and overall mission and practice of McAllen Medical Center. The family has been very frustrated there.

Susie, family, and friends have been very encouraged by so many prayers, comments, scripture readings, hymns sung and visits by various friends.

Thanks for your continued prayers.

2 thoughts on “Update on Susie

  1. Our relationship with Susie stems back to WPC in Rockford, IL. We have asked our present church in northern NJ to pray on her behalf and for God to fill Abraham and Susie’s family with an overwhelming sense of His presence in the midst of the sheer agony and distress of the unknown and undone.


  2. Gracias por la informacion, Que la gracia de nuestro padre celestial os de la fortaleza en todo. estamos orando por la hemana susy y su esposa.


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