Urgent Prayer

Dear Friends,

Many of you know Susie Frerichs Hernandez, who serves the Lord in the Huastecas along with her husband, Abraham. Susie is gravely ill and needs your prayers.

She was hospitalized at McAllen Medical Center, McAllen, TX, on Friday after a life-flight from Laredo, TX, hospital. The doctors are still trying to pin down exactly what the source of the problem is but, it is life-threatening.

Thank you, for your prayers for her healing. Pray for wisdom for the doctors.


14 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer

  1. Chris, I’m praying that her doctors will quickly identify the source of the illness, that it is treatable, and for full and complete recovery for Susie. I pray too, for the Lord’s comfort and peace for Abraham, and for you and Francelia and all who love her.
    Cynthia Robinson


  2. Thank you Chris for the information. We have heard about Susie here in Austin. Lots of people at Westlake Hill Presbyterian Church praying for her. I think one of our old (retired) pastors is driving to McAllen today.


  3. Thank you Chris for letting us know about Susie’s condition. Be assured of our fervent
    prayers for her and for her doctors and for her family. We pray that her condition can
    be identified and treated and she will receive the strength to recover.
    Love and blessings and many prayers,
    Tom and Peggy Currie


  4. We are grateful for God’s presence with us all the time and we pray for God’s healing power to be with Susie, healing in body, mind and spirit in all the ways that are needed. We pray for courage and strength; peace, patience and persistence; love and comfort; grace and mercy.


  5. Faithful and merciful LORD, PLease hear my pleas for Susie. Grant her
    Doctors and medical team Wisdom, Insight, Clarity, Focus and Expert Advice in quickly making the correct diagnosis. Jane Tidmore


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